Coronavirus affecting your business? 5 tips to communicate best

Everyone is talking about the Coronavirus. Whether you’re adjusting your business operations or not during this time of heightened concern, it’s imperative that you communicate.

You could have employees work remotely so that they stay healthy and capable of serving customers without interruption.

You could be temporarily closing a storefront location.

You could be business as usual but with extra public safety precautions in mind. 

No matter what your path forward is, your plan still needs to be shared:

  • In a transparent way
  • On multiple platforms
  • And be frequently updated as the overall Coronavirus situation continues to evolve.

Here are five tips on how to communicate with your customers during this unprecedented time.

Decide on your Coronavirus plan

You can proactively inform your audience that a plan to address Coronavirus concerns is being worked on before it’s ready to announce if that’s the case.

However, there’s no value in announcing anything before you know what’s happening. So, take your time to formulate the right plan.

Again, there’s no perfect path forward, and every business has to make the right decision for itself.

But once a plan is chosen, don’t forget that you need to communicate it both:

  • Internally among employees, and
  • Externally to customers and potential customers.

Pick your platforms

You might opt for email. It is an accessible way to get a lot of information out about your Coronavirus plan quickly.

However, don’t forget that every platform not only needs equal attention but also shouldn’t be a copy-and-paste of the full email.

Options include:

  • Posting a visual graphic with information on your Instagram account
  • Talking to your audience directly via Facebook Live
  • Tweeting a link to a full press release announcement
  • And more.

Remember that every platform has its own unique best practices and audiences who will interact with content differently.

Involve your figurehead

During times of fear or concern, the sight of your CEO or another leader could reassure your audience.

That familiarity can bring more understanding in a way that a detached, memo-style social media post about your Coronavirus plan might not. 

Ideally, this would be done on video.

Live video is best, but pre-recorded is always an option. Focus on allowing authenticity to shine through. That’s the power of social media, the ability to connect with your audience.

Coronavirus questions, feedback

We are no longer in a broadcast-media society. Everything is a conversation.

Direct your audience on how to best contact you with any questions or feedback on your plan forward.

Your audience likely will comment, tag, message, call or contact you in whatever way they prefer anyway. Simply be responsive and deliver the best possible customer service.

Remind everyone of fluidity

In a situation like the current Coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to remind your audience about the fluidity of your plan as the situation evolves.

So many things are out of our control, but you can control the frequency and transparency of your messaging. Also, assure your audience that you’ll keep them updated as everything continues to develop.

For more information on the Coronavirus, as well as the latest updates, visit the CDC website.

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