Cannabis SMS Marketing

Cannabis dispensary and CBD SMS Marketing

DailyStory is a marketing automation solution used by professional cannabis and CBD marketers to run high performance, metrics driven campaigns.

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SMS marketing for professional cannabis marketers

Results oriented features and capabilities for running large SMS marketing campaigns for your dispensary or products.

Conversion Tracking for Cannabis and CBD marketers

Conversion Tracking

Track conversions to see how different SMS marketing messages contribute to revenue from your cannabis dispensary, store, or product website.

Audience segmentation for Cannabis and CBD marketers

Audience Segmentation

Segment audiences by any characteristic, such as dispensary location, products purchased, etc., to send SMS marketing that perfectly fits the intended audience.

View customer activity for cannabis and cbd marketers

Customer Activity

View pages and activities customers take – understand what products they view – then optimize your conversion path to match those patterns and behaviors.

Shorten links in your sms marketing

Link Shortening

Automatic link shortening saves on cost per-message but more importantly allows you to track clicks all your SMS marketing.

carrier networks for cannabis and cbd sms marketing

Best of Class Carrier Network

You’ll have instant access to multi-carriers for your SMS marketing. Plus you can pay the carrier fees directly. Which can turn into substantial savings.

Support for cannabis and cbd sms marketers

Unparalleled Support

You get our expertise for support and help you  work through all the unique challenges surrounding SMS marketing for cannabis dispensaries and CBD.

Your SMS marketing campaign is ready in seconds

Simple to use visual designer let’s you quickly build and design your SMS marketing messages. You’ll see a preview what your customer will see. Next, send yourself a simple test message and get a personalized version of the SMS marketing you’ll send to your customers.

Cannabis SMS marketing designer

Better deliverability by avoiding black list words

Advanced text message scoring AI helps you avoid getting your message flagged as a carrier violation. Our unique experience working with dispensary marketers gives you the tools to understand how “risky” a message may be.

Scale your dispensary’s SMS marketing with automation

Stop pressing the send button on every SMS message. Using DailyStory’s advanced automation tools you can automate your SMS marketing. Send happy birthday messages, new customer welcome messages, automate loyalty milestones and so much more.

Automate SMS marketing

Talk with your customers not to your customers

Use our conversation view to access the messages you’ve sent to a customer and the replies they’ve sent back. Easily track and respond to all your customer messages in a simple and intuitive manner.


Increase revenue with SMS Marketing conversion tracking

A unique capability of DailyStory – when enabled for your point of sale solution & website you can track any DailyStory campaign activity back to online transactions. See who converted and who didn’t. Send follow up SMS marketing to potential customers that didn’t convert.

track conversions

Take the guess work out of your SMS marketing

DailyStory’s SMS marketing reporting provides you insights into opt-ins, opt-outs for subscribers, as well as all the delivery information you need to run great SMS marketing campaigns.

sms marketing reports

Protect yourself with audit logs and double opt-in

There are many compliance issues that dispensary marketers face. We help you by providing detailed opt-in/opt-out audit logs along with the ability to double opt-in SMS marketing subscribers.

SMS marketing audit log

SMS Marketing is just one part of what you get

DailyStory is a full suite marketing automation platform.

In addition to SMS marketing, you get: email marketing, QR Codes, tracking links, popups, landing pages, remarketing and more.

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Prices start at $99/mo

SMS messages $0.008 per-message segment

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