MailChimp integration to build better email lists

MailChimp is a powerful email marketing solution. And, research consistently proves that email is the number one way to reach your audience and grow your business.

Building high-quality, segmented emails lists is a best practice. But how do you automate this at scale?

DailyStory’s Customer Engagement Platform converts today’s visitor into tomorrow’s customer. And our MailChimp integration enables you to quickly and easily build better email lists.

DailyStory and MailChimp

We love MailChimp. That’s why we made it crazy easy to use DailyStory with MailChimp.

Setup and configuration is easy. It’s also easy to use best practices to convert visitors and customers. And easy to add those new contacts to your MailChimp lists.

DailyStory includes landing pages, link tracking, web forms, exit intentwelcome mats, email autoresponder and more to convert visitors. And it includes campaigns, automation, rules, scoring, and workflow to automate actions. Taking care of common manual actions that weren’t previously automated.

Those aren’t all our features. But we know those are the ones that are probably most important to you.

And, we’ve made it really easy to use. We wanted to make sure you could use all these awesome features to build and grow your email lists.

You get the idea.

DailyStory does the rest.

Below are some ideas and recommendations for getting the most from DailyStory’s MailChimp integration.

Build your email list from new visitors

A DailyStory Welcome Mat is a great way to quickly build your email lists.

On their first visit to your website, a welcome mat creates an opportunity to convert on an offer. For example, offer a coupon or discount to a new visitor. To claim the offer, an email address is required.

Simply design your Welcome Mat – or use one of our templates. Next, select your MailChimp list you want to add contacts to. Or, add a workflow and automation in DailyStory to add contacts based on different conditions like, “Add this contact to the US Newsletter” and “Add this contact to the EMEA Newsletter”.

Embed signups on any page

With DailyStory’s powerful Customer Engagement Platform, it’s easy to add conversion opportunities to your website. Because you want to turn every visitor into a customer!

For example, create a DailyStory lead capture form and add our WordPress integration to your website. Then, use the DailyStory WordPress shortcode and instantly make any page or post a landing page.

Later, when the form is completed, DailyStory will send a welcome email, score the visitor, and apply rules. All this to make sure you only add valid emails to your MailChimp lists.

Grow your newsletter when people exit

When visitors leave your site, use a DailyStory Exit Intent to promote your newsletter.

This is a great way to quickly grow your email lists from visitors that like your content, but have decided to leave. The exit intent is shown when the visitor is inactive or DailyStory detects they are leaving.

The exit intent is shown when the visitor is inactive or DailyStory detects they are leaving. Because of exit intent, you’ll get one last opportunity to convert that visitor on an offer.

All you need to worry about is what your Exit Intent looks like and which MailChimp list the contact should be added to.

Add audiences to the right MailChimp lists

If you use multiple MailChimp lists we can help there too. With DailyStory you eliminate the manual effort of deciding which MailChimp list to add a contact to.

Using our workflow, automation, rules, and scoring we eliminate custom code and human error.

For example, using information provided by your customers like country, title, and company, you can create audience segments. Or, use DailyStory insights like topics, pages visited, and engagement level to do the same thing.

And, if you aren’t running multiple email lists yet, when you do DailyStory will be ready to help you easily segment your audience to the lists best for them.

No bad email addresses

Use DailyStory’s auto-responder to send a welcome email when you convert a visitor. If the welcome email bounces, DailyStory will automatically flag the contact. This ensures an invalid email address is not added to your MailChimp list. And keeping your email lists clean is a best practice for running successful email marketing campaigns.

Or maybe you want to ensure that certain domains, such as those of a competitor, aren’t added to your lists. Or, maybe you only want company email addresses and not allow anonymous email addresses, like Gmail. No problem, we can do that too.

And welcome emails are very effective. Something we recommend using to confirm a user’s intent, enhance application discoverability in addition to validating the email address.

Wait, doesn’t MailChimp do some of this

Yes, MailChimp does provide some of these capabilities, such as automation and sign up forms.

And they are great.

But DailyStory is designed to connect MailChimp as part of your broader customer engagement capabilities.

For example, adding a customer to an email list is important. But maybe you want to use DailyStory’s visitor tracking to see what pages were view before or after conversion.

Or, you want to send personalized landing pages or recommendations on the customer’s next visit.

Or, you may want to add the contact as a new lead into your CRM system, such as Salesforce.

Because MailChimp integration is just the start.

Do more with DailyStory

MailChimp is just part of the integration capabilities included with DailyStory. Also included is integration with WordPress, Google Analytics, Slack and more.

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