11 ways you can use AMP emails


AMP emails are considered to be the future of email marketing, turning static content into a more interactive and engaging experience.

AMP emails involve an open-source framework that allows you to build lightweight emails with shorter loading times. This framework is created from HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

In a nutshell, AMP emails enable automatic content updates and interaction within the email itself, which can be very powerful.

This type of email increases conversions by at least five times. Of course, you have to evaluate whether AMP emails are right for your business.

If you’re ready to take the next step, here are 11 ways you should consider using AMP emails.

(Keep in mind that AMP emails typically can be divided into two groups, where layout components have AMP elements within the email itself or where dynamic components have AMP elements that need to communicate with your server.)

Real-time data updates

There’s nothing worse than constantly having to update your general welcome email. Actually, forgetting to update your welcome email with important information is probably worse.

But with AMP emails, your key information can automatically update itself. This can also be super helpful for any newsletter emails. You could have a “latest blogs” section where it truly reflects the latest blogs that you’ve posted.

Item selection

With AMP emails, items within an email can be selected. For example, you could have a promotion for a particular product, and recipients and select the size, color or more regarding that product and complete their order/purchase within the email itself.

The end result is a higher conversion rate because users did not have to go to another website where they could bounce or get distracted.


AMP emails open up a whole world of gamification for you and your audience. Games are a great way to engage, amuse and raise brand awareness all at once.

Think simple since these games would exist within your AMP emails, but fun is definitely a must.


A popular option for ecommerce businesses is the rotation of multiple images within an email, aka a carousel.

This is a layout opportunity that can work for brands outside of ecommerce as well since it’s such a dynamic design element.


Another engaging design option you can do with AMP emails is accordions. What are they? Think “view more” buttons, except that with AMP, that button can expand content within the email.

No more diverting to another webpage. You can expand and show additional content upon request within AMP emails.


Just like you might do on your social media, you can run quizzes in your AMP emails. The format allows recipients to complete the quiz within the email itself.

Of course, what quizzes you might run are only limited by your imagination and what makes sense for your brand and audience.

Collect feedback

Feedback from your customers is critical for any business. Consider how many more responses you can get with AMP emails, where the feedback survey can be delivered to you through the email itself.

Users can immediately submit their thoughts, opinions and experiences to you without leaving the email.

Live email confirmations

Double opt-ins are very important. Traditionally, you might send an email to confirm the recipient’s email address. The recipient then clicks the link to confirm the email address. Then, a subscription or account confirmation email is sent.

But you don’t have to stick with traditional.

AMP emails can include a live email confirmation, where the recipient confirms his or her email address within that email and sees the account activation confirmation show within that same email.

It’s definitely a time-saver!

Dynamic forms

You can use forms in many ways. Perhaps you’re a financial institution that collects loan application details. Whatever the data you’re looking to collect, AMP emails enable recipients to complete your form with the email itself.

Appointment booking

Encouraging your leads to book a time for a demo of your product (or something else) is a huge piece to many successful sales initiatives.

With AMP emails, this can all happen within the email. Of course, this idea can expand to booking flight tickets, event invitations or movie tickets, even a table at a restaurant. The opportunities just depend on the type of business you have.

Again, this makes it easy for the recipient to take the next step.

Shipment tracking

Shipping confirmations are huge for ecommerce businesses. Consider the fact that instead of linking to the shipping website, you can offer real-time shipment updates within the confirmation email.

This is possible with AMP emails.

Mini-app treatment

Interestingly enough, you can treat AMP emails like mini-versions of your app (if you have one).

Consider Twitter, which could theoretically send out AMP emails featuring tweets that you can “like” within the email itself (for example).

If there’s functionality on your app or website that customers tend to use, you might consider pulling it into your AMP emails.

While there are many ways AMP emails can be used, remember that a key component of diving into it involves getting whitelisted with Google, confirming that your email service provider (ESP) supports the building of these emails and always include a fallback HTML version (since you can’t assume that every recipient will see these emails rendered correctly, depending on what email they use).

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