Dynamic and Trackable QR Codes

Create dynamic QR Codes that can be edited or updated even after physically printed.

  • Dynamic QR codes can be changed anytime
  • In-depth reports on QR code scans
  • Customize QR codes with your color and brand

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Dynamic and Trackable QR Codes

DailyStory QR Codes Features

Dynamic QR codes

Create a QR code once and make an unlimited number of changes to the URL launched by the QR code. Known as a dynamic QR code, it provides flexibility for printed QR codes.

Scan Analytics and Reports

Understand and visualize the performance of your QR Codes. Optimize marketing campaigns, automations, messaging and more.

Includes all URL shortener features

QR codes created in DailyStory are automatically integrated with URL shorteners. Every URL shortener you create automatically has a QR code too.

Mobile Friendly

To use a QR code consumers simply need to open their mobile device as if they are taking a photo, scan the QR code, and click the link to open.

Send your Tracking Pixels

When a DailyStory Shortened URL is clicked any tracking pixels registered with DailyStory are also sent. These tracking pixels help you remarket and retarget audiences in Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn and more.

Native integration with Ad Platforms

Use your DailyStory shortened URL in Google Ads or Bing Ads with native integration for tracking templates. Tracking templates in your ad platform enables additional detail to be tracked, such as keywords, when clicked.

Password Protected URLs

Password protect your DailyStory Shortened URL to require a password prior to allowing the visitor to be redirected to your URL.

Life-cycle Management

Control the life-cycle of your DailyStory shortened URL or QR code by setting a maximum number of clicks or an expiration data for the redirect. Once reached or expired DailyStory can either prevent future redirects or redirect to an alternative URL.

Advanced HTTP Management

Additional advanced features provide control over the type of redirect (page or file) allows for automatic download for files. And, you can specify the HTTP headers for temporary or permanent redirects of the URL.

Printed Direct Marketing

If you are mailing content to your customers (direct mail marketing), QR codes provide an easy way for your customers to quickly access online information.

SMS Sign Up

Print QR codes with SMS keywords. Then print those QR codes as stickers for your store or physical location. Customers can join your SMS list with just a simple scan.

Install a Mobile App

Customers can scan a QR code a start the setup and install process for a mobile app. This eliminates the need to search the app store.

Web Form Sign Up

Promoting an offer with posters in your office? Add the QR code to your printed material and people can simply scan to sign up.

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