Why DailyStory is the best Pardot Alternative

If you’re searching for a simpler and more affordable alternative to Pardot, this article can help you find it.

DailyStory is a Pardot Alternative

An alternative to Pardot, DailyStory is an affordable, feature-rich marketing automation platform. It integrates with Salesforce CRM and costs 50% less than Pardot.

Side-by-side comparison

We’ve put together this side-by-side comparison between DailyStory and Pardot (using Salesforce Marketing Cloud pricing).

Email Marketingyesyes
SMS MarketingyesCorporate edition $$
AutomationyesCorporate edition $$
A/B testingyesCorporate edition $$
Unlimited API Accessyesno
Unlimited Usersyesno
Custom Roles & Permissionsyesno
Starting PriceFree$1,250/month*
Full SuiteStarts at $15/month$3,750/month*
Customer Support24/7/365Additional charge $$
Subscription TermMonth-to-monthAnnual
CancellationAnytimePenalty to cancel $$
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* Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pro-tier starts at $1,250 per-month and Corporate starts at $3,750 per-month

What is Pardot?

Pardot was a stand-alone marketing platform that exclusively integrated with Salesforce’s CRM.

Acquired by Salesforce

Pardot was acquired by Salesforce. Then on Oct. 17, 2022, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement’s (formerly Pardot) Classic app in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experiences was retired.

Replaced with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce then introduced Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which combined Pardot’s capabilities with several other marketing capabilities: loyalty management, email, mobile and web marketing, social studio, advertising studio (and more).

Combining all these tools into a single “cloud” is part of Salesforce’s simplification of its offering. An offering with a tremendous amount of depth and complexity.

Targeted for enterprise customers

Salesforce states that: “Salesforce Marketing Cloud is best for enterprise-sized sales teams looking to improve their email and overall marketing strategies.”

It is important to emphasize the “enterprise-sized” aspect of this statement, as it indirectly states that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is expensive and complex.

Pricing for Pardot

Pardot, had 3 pricing tiers: $1,000/mo, $2,000/mo, and $3,000/mo. This is in addition to the licenses for Salesforce.

New Pricing

With the replacement of Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has further increased the cost:

  • $1,250 per month for the pro-tier
  • $3,750 per month for the corporate tier
  • Pricing for enterprise levels only goes up!

Many features are tier locked

It’s also worth mentioning that many key features, such as API access and A/B testing, can only be unlocked at higher price levels.

Many key features of Salesforce Marketing Cloud are only available in the enterprise edition.

And, Salesforce pricing is based on annual agreements. So, the true cost – just for the platform – needs to be multiplied by 12.

DailyStory is an affordable, easy-to-use, feature-rich alternative

DailyStory is natively integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

The integration connects to your Salesforce Sales Cloud and automatically syncs data. This data is then used for building segments, personalizing emails or SMS messages, along with many other features and integrations.

Let’s look at some key differences between DailyStory and Pardot.

DailyStory is an affordable marketing automation platform

Salesforce primarily targets large enterprises. These are businesses that typically have greater than 1,000 employees and more than $500 million in revenue.

DailyStory on the other hand, works directly with business units within the enterprise or SMBs (small-to-medium businesses).

DailyStory vs. Pardot

An important distinction is that all DailyStory’s plans are month-to-month and can be canceled at any time. Salesforce is also subscription-based, but it requires an annual subscription.

DailyStory is simple and easy-to-use

DailyStory is laser-focused on ease of use.

With its simple-to-understand and intuitive layout, along with 24/7 customer support, you’ll quickly fall in love. And most customers are up and running in less than a week!

  • 24/7 bot-free support included
  • Easy-to-understand features
  • Comprehensive user documentation and videos
  • Mobile and desktop-friendly user experience

Compare DailyStory to Pardot, which is designed for enterprise-use cases, is more complicated, more difficult to learn, and support is typically purchased separately.

DailyStory includes all features at all price points

Unlike Pardot, DailyStory includes all features at all levels.

While the DailyStory’s free plan has some limitations, all customers get access to all features immediately.

This includes capabilities that require the $3,750 per-month corporate edition of Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly Pardot):

Why not give DailyStory a try? It’s free to start!

Give DailyStory a try today. We’re free to start, and you’ll find that we’re affordable, feature-rich, and integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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