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DailyStory Marketing Automation Platform

Email Marketing. Text Messaging. Automation. Landing Pages. Social Media. CRM.

All the tools you need integrated together in one easy to use interface.

Create interactive multi-channel campaigns

Follow customer activity starting from their first visit.

Start with the customer journey

DailyStory’s visitor tracking provides the features you need to follow visitors from their first visit all the way through your sales process. Know what customers are doing and where they are spending time before converting to help you identify influential pages and content.

Identify keywords that convert

71% of B2B buyers start with a generic search. Unless you rank #1 on organic search, you are buying keywords. DailyStory identifies the keywords that convert customers, even when the first visit may have occurred weeks or months in the past.

Retarget your audience

Social Media is an important part of any online marketing strategy. But how do you convert shares and likes into customers? DailyStory link retargeting enables you to build customer segments for ad networks, such as Google, simply by clicking on links you share.

DailyStory report

Your website is your best way to sell

Identify the content, keywords and search terms that impact your marketing and sales funnel.

Works with your existing forms

Connect your existing website’s contact forms and landing pages to DailyStory without requiring any code changes. All it takes is a few simple steps and DailyStory can track conversions – whether you have custom forms or forms built with a marketing automation platform like HubSpot, it doesn’t matter.

Features to help convert

72 percent of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication. DailyStory includes numerous features to help you capture customer data: exit intent popups, welcome mats, squeeze pages, and landing pages. And, these features are all integrated into DailyStory’s workflow and campaign management system.

Act on customer visits

Tomorrow’s sales pipeline is on your website today. And you should proactively follow up with them every opportunity you have. When one of your leads comes back to your site you can take action immediately and follow up with while they’re active and interested in exploring your products and services.

Nurture and Grow Customer Relationships

Use drip email campaigns, text message notifications and more to communicate with sales leads.

Powerful Email Marketing

Create and send email drip campaigns, auto-responders, notifications and newsletters from within any campaign. Review email delivery, opens, clicks and more to see who is interacting with the messages you send.

Simple Campaign Workflows

Workflows in DailyStory are simple, but powerful. Use workflows to design the order of activities to take place when a contact is added to a campaign. You can send emails, call webhooks, send text messages and more.

Automate and Score

Build automation and scoring rules to monitor your contacts and take actions when certain changes occur. For example, if a lead views a specific page you can increase their score. Then, use automation to take specific actions on leads that reach a score threshold.

Getting started is easy

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Who uses DailyStory?

Our customers are in Health Care, Energy, Telecom, High Tech, Data Centers, and Manufacturing. We believe we’re a perfect fit for B2Bs that rely on digital marketing for new customer acquisition, but have long, complex sales cycles that make it hard to track and attribute customer behavior.