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We help you know when, where and how you found your best customers.

Customer Engagement Platform for Small Businesses

Running a small business means everyone does a little bit of everything. It means limited budgets and unlimited aspirations. DailyStory helps you do more with what you have. It is a platform to track, convert, and manage visitors through the process of becoming a customer. Enabling you to stay focused on your business and your customers.

DailyStory Customer Engagement Platform

What is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement is an emotional connection between a customer and a company or brand. This connection can be a reaction, interaction, effect or overall customer experience.

Benefits of Great Customer Engagement

Grow Customer Relationships

Successful customer engagement builds and grows your customer relationships and opportunities.

Create Brand Loyalty

Successful customer engagement creates loyalty and positive views of the business.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Successful customer engagement increases average customer spend with the business.

What Problem does DailyStory Solve?

We provide small businesses with a simple, and easy way to know when, where and how you found your best customers.

Track and Measure Visitors

DailyStory helps you understand what your website visitors are doing, where they came from, and how often they’ve returned. You can see the full customer journey and tag visitors for remarketing through your 3rd party ad networks.

Customer Engagement Remarketing

Link Retargeting

Show ads to people that click on links you share in emails or social media – even if they haven’t visited your website.

Engage Customers in Conversations

Start Real-time Conversations

Chat live 1:1 with visitors when they have questions about your offers. You can even automate some interactions.

Visitor Forecast

Forecast Visitor Behavior

DailyStory analyzes visitor behavior to forecast future actions, such as which visitors are most likely to convert into customers.

Customer Activity

See Customer Activity

See what pages and activities customers take then optimize your website to match those patterns and behaviors.

Follow customers across devices

Follow Customers Across Devices

Track activity across devices, as visitors and customers switch from mobile to desktop.

Capture and Convert Customers

When visitors are ready to act on your offers or need more information about your products or services DailyStory makes it easy to capture their information and convert them into a lead.

Welcome Mat Customer Engagement

Promote Welcome Offers

When a visitor comes to your website for the first time, why not offer them a discount or other incentive? With DailyStory this is easy.

Exit Intent Customer Engagement

Promote Exit Offers

Exit offers provide an opportunity to engage a visitor when they are about to leave. Perfect for coupons and newsletter signups.

Import Customer Contacts

Import Customer Contacts

Already have a list of contacts? Easily import a Microsoft Excel file in CSV format and start managing your contacts through DailyStory.

Web Forms for Converting Visitors

Build Lead Capture Forms

Create lead capture forms that automatically connect to DailyStory. Includes pre-built landing pages, custom landing pages, squeeze pages and more.

Customer and Visitor Activity Alerts

Create Lead Visit Alerts

Automatically send email alerts to team members when a prospective customer visits specific pages within your website.

Email Notifications on Customer Activity

Receive Email Notifications

Receive email notifications when new leads are created that include all of the information the visitor completed.

Automate and Nurture Customers

Once a visitor has shared their contact information with you use DailyStory’s powerful automation engine and straightforward integrations to ensure those visitors are followed up within a timely manner.

Campaigns Connect Everything

Create Customer Engagement Campaigns

Organize all your account activity into easy to manage campaigns. Create campaigns for all customer touch points.

Customer Driven Decisions

Make Customer Driven Decisions

Get campaign performance details to tell you which campaigns are performing and which ones should be doing better.

Automate Campaigns

Automate Common Activities

Create reusable evergreen campaigns such as onboarding, new customer discounts, and more to automate customer follow-up and outreach.

Email Auto-responder

Email Auto-Responder

Our email auto-responder sends personalized email follow-ups. Ensuring every prospective customer gets an immediate and timely response.


Create Powerful Workflows

Create workflows that automate actions such as sending an email or adding prospective customers to your MailChimp newsletter.

Score and rank prospective customers

Score and Rank Prospective Customers

Score customers based on activities and actions they take such as pages viewed, email opens, or pages visited.

Integrate and Extend DailyStory

Integrate DailyStory with your WordPress website and make any WordPress page a landing page. Enable Salesforce integration to automatically synchronize leads with Salesforce. Add support for Slack to quickly notify your team of new customer activity. Build email lists with MailChimp or just do amazing things with our API!

WordPress Integration

Effortless WordPress Integration

Our WordPress plugin makes integration with WordPress simple. Just add the DailyStory WordPress Plugin to your site and turn any page into a landing page.

Salesforce Integration

Easy Salesforce Integration

Tired of complex integration with Salesforce? Our integration uses native Salesforce APIs and objects. Keeping integration quick and simple.

MailChimp Integration

Build Email Lists Faster

With DailyStory’s simple MailChimp integration you can build your MailChimp lists as part of a campaign’s workflow.

Slack Integration

Keep Everyone Updated

Our integration with Slack keeps your team up-to-date with notifications to your Slack channels when different activities happen on your website.

DailyStory Customer Engagement GitHub Projects

DailyStory on GitHub

Find our WordPress Plugin, SDKs, documentation and other projects we are contributing to on GitHub.

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