DailyStory Brand Assets

Thanks for your interest in our brand! We take a lot of pride in our brand and want to make sure it is used consistently by our customers, partners and in the media. We put together this guide to help you use it.

You can download the full guide here.

How to use the DailyStory Brand

The printed DailyStory brand is always displayed as a single word (no space between Daily and Story) with both the D and the S capitalized:

“DailyStory enables us to connect with our customers.” or “Today DailyStory announced that …”

When referring to the DailyStory website, please use the full www.dailystory.com:

“Please visit the www.dailystory.com website to learn more.”

When referring to the legal entity, please use:

DailyStory, LLC

Brand Typography, Logo and Color Palette

The standard brand uses the Trebuchet MS font with ‘Story’ in bold on a blue (#217CE8) background with white (#FFFFFF) text. The logo may alternatively be used in black on a white background.

The DailyStory infinity logo (D + S) may only be used with the brand text below the logo or to the right of the logo.

The use of the DailyStory infinity logo should follow the same rules as the brand: It should be shown on a blue (#337AB7) background in white or alternatively a white background in black:



DailyStory blue square logoDailyStory blue horizontal logo


DailyStory black square logoDailyStory black horizontal logo

DailyStory Sample Color Palette

Below are some of the standard colors we use in our color palette (besides black and white):

  • Blue: #217CE8
  • Green: #1EED93

If you make use of our logo, please give it room to breathe! For example, using the stacked brand we recommend padding it with whitespace (e.g. 300 height by 300 width image should have whitespace of 30-40px around the edges of the image).

This is especially important when using the black and white logo on a white background.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do use our logo and brand images when referencing DailyStory.
  • Do use the provided images (links below).
  • Do not abbreviate DailyStory to DS, ds, or daily story.
  • Do not use a space to separate ‘Daily’ and ‘Story’. It’s a single word.
  • Do not bold ‘Story’ when used in written text and do not use the brand font to recreate the brand. It should simply be ‘DailyStory’ when written and in the same font, size, color and weight of the surrounding text.
  • Do not modify the logo, typography or colors.
  • Do not use the infinity logo without the brand (e.g. do not use the DailyStory infinity logo by itself.) Maybe someday our logo will stand alone, but today is not that day.
  • Use our legal name “DailyStory, LLC” for contracts or legal documents.

We created these images for you to use

Feel free to link to them directly.

Still have questions?

Send an email to hello@dailystory.com. We’d be happy to help.