Boost revenue by automating outbound marketing and client engagement to generate interest at the top of the sales funnel

DailyStory automates outbound sales, client engagement, and follow-up in order to generate interest at the top of the sales funnel. It results in a 100 times greater cost efficiency per acquired customer compared to traditional advertising methods. By utilizing personalized email and text message marketing, it also increases engagement.

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A comprehensive platform for generating more marketing leads and automating sales efforts to secure more clients

Send personalized sales and marketing via email and SMS

Complete more sales by sending well-timed messages. An AI-based scoring system for message delivery ensures that your message reaches the recipient.

Segment customers into groups to target specific promotions and offers

Build client lists based on previous or related purchases, and utilize personalization and insights to boost deliverability and engagement.

Automate customer communication and notifications 24/7/365

DailyStory’s automation features ensures critical customer communications is sent at the right time to deliver consistent and personalized messages.

Increase Click-Throughs in Email Marketing

Utilize personalized emails and targeted audience segments to increase engagement throughout the funnel.

Optimized for Desktop And Mobile

DailyStory’s email designer ensures that emails are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, as a growing number of emails are read on mobile. Additionally, the emails are optimized for major email clients including Outlook and Gmail.

Exceptional Inbox Delivery

Ensuring your emails reach the inbox is our top priority. To achieve this, we provide dedicated IP addresses and assist in configuring your sending domain with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. We also offer email warm-up services to further improve delivery.

Reports on Key Metrics

DailyStory’s reports give insight into delivery, sent emails, clicks, opens, opt-outs, bounces, and more. All reports can be exported to Excel or Google Sheets in CSV format. Or, have reports delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly.
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Grow Sales through SMS Marketing

Engage your customers using SMS marketing to drive more traffic to your store or website

High Delivery Rates

Getting you the highest deliverability rate for your messages is our #1 priority. We help navigate the complexities of text messaging and the nuances of how carriers view your message.

AI-driven Deliverability Score

We’ve built artificial intelligence into our Deliverability Score to help determine if your content will pass carrier filtering rules. The wrong content will violates carrier rules and prevent your message from being delivered.

Full Compliance Management

From audit logging, opt-in/opt-out management, and expertise in carrier filtering, DailyStory helps keep your business compliant with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other carrier association rules.
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Amazingly Simple Automation

Abandon carts, card declines, birthdays and more — automate the communication that matters most.

Start an Automation with a Trigger

Automation Triggers start an automation. Examples include: cart abandon, order shipped, appointment confirmed, link clicked, form submitted, and 25+ others.

Do Something with an Action

Automation Actions are applied to contacts moving through the automation. Examples include: sending the lead an email or text messages, sending a team Slack notification, and about 30+ other actions.

Make a Decision with a Condition

Automation Conditions enable logic in the automation. For example: was form submitted, was text message clicked, was email opened, was paged visited, and evaluation of your own custom fields and many more.

Bring data from your other sales and marketing tools

Shopify WooCommerce Mindbody Calendly LightspeedMagento Slack WordPress Zapier

And many other integrations

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Engage in your Customer’s Journey

Find, sell, retain … repeat. DailyStory includes everything you need to meet your customers wherever they are in their journey.

Grow Your Marketing List

Web forms, QR Codes, Keywords and everything else you need to grow your marketing list.

Increase Your Sales

Automate abandon carts, shipping notifications, win-backs, onboarding and more.

Retain Your Customers

Drip retention campaigns, segment by last activity, send email and SMS marketing.

Measure Outcomes

See how your marketing campaign contribute to your revenue with conversion funnels.

So Many Powerful, Easy-to-use Tools in One Platform

DailyStory is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that you can use to automate your customer communication.


The most powerful audience segmentation tools. Segment on virtually anything.

Conversion Funnels

Understand how your marketing translates into conversions in your store or website.


In-depth reporting on all features with the ability to export reports to Excel.

Landing Pages

Design and build stand-alone landing pages for use in your marketing campaigns.

App Push Notifications

Send push notifications to your Android or iOS mobile app.

Web Push Notifications

Send web push notifications to subscribers who subscribe on your website.

QR Codes

Create reusable QR Codes for print or digital. Track how often the QR code is scanned.

A/B Testing

Create experiments with your outbound marketing to see how different content performs.


Show popups when visitors comes to your site or when they leave your site.

Magic Forms

Automatically connect to any existing form in your website with no code.

Web Forms

Build drag-and-drop web forms that are self-hosted, embedded in landing pages or used on your website.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to your contacts for personalization and segmentation. Supports API access too!

File Manager

DailyStory includes a content distribution network (CDN) backed file store for managing all of your assets.

Developer Friendly

The entire platform is API driven and you can build virtually anything using our APIs.

How will you use DailyStory?

DailyStory supports customers in a variety of industries.

Franchise Marketing

Franchisors can standardize marketing campaigns, branding, and messaging and easily publish those campaigns to their franchisees. Franchisees can then adjust and edit the campaigns to fit their marketing needs.

Retail and eCommerce

With integration with point of sale systems like: Shopify, WooCommerce, Square and Stripe you can target customer with welcome campaigns, cart abandons, shipping notifications and more.

Gyms and Fitness Studios

Gym owners use DailyStory’s native integration with Mindbody, RhinoFit, and ClubSpeed to quickly create engaging campaigns to keep existing members, recruit new members, and more.

Non Profits

Non profits often use proprietary CRMs to manage their donor base. DailyStory has built numerous direct integrations with a variety of not-for-profit systems such as Degree 37 and BBCS to reach potential donors.

Spas and Salons

Spa owners that use Mindbody or other CRMs use DailyStory to run customer outreach campaigns, deals & offers, and more.


DailyStory works with agencies to create unique white label solutions that allow agencies to offer DailyStory’s platform under their agency brand.

Support Customers Rave About

Answering your questions, training you or your team, and reviewing your content.

“The support I get from the DailyStory team is amazing!”
Tracey, non-profit
“Christy at DailyStory directly helped me grow my Shopify sales!”
Stephanie, online retail
“One of my DailyStory automations has generated over $750k in sales for us.”
Mark, business owner

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  • Pre-built automations
  • Import and export contacts
  • Reports and analytics
  • QR Codes
  • Tracking Links
  • Magic Forms
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