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Know how, where and when 94% of your audience found you

According to Accenture, 94% of business-to-business buyers research online before choosing the business they want to work with.

DailyStory provides the features you need to understand how, where, and when you converted a visitor into a customer.

Capture the Entire Customer Journey

DailyStory’s visitor tracking provides the features you need to follow visitors from their first visit all the way through your sales process.

You may be familiar with web analytics platforms such as Google Analytics. And Google Analytics is great for understanding what all your visitors are doing.

DailyStory provides a complete picture of the customer journey. And tells you what customers are doing, where they are spending time, and where they are converting.

  • Lookup any customer by email address
  • Know when they first visited your website
  • See what content they interacted with before converting
  • And, see the content they interacted with after converting

This helps you to know when, where, and how 94% of your audience found you.

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Identify the Keywords that Convert

Google states that 71% of B2B researchers start with a generic search. Unless you rank #1 on organic search engine results page, you are more than likely buying keywords and using ads.

But the problem you face is which keywords convert and which ones don’t?

Advertising platforms such as Google and Bing do a great job telling you which keywords convert on your landing page. But if you are a B2B with a non-transactional sales cycle you need to track this all the way through your sales and marketing process in order to understand which keywords convert customers.

DailyStory identifies the keywords that convert customers.

  • See keyword performance for both lead and customer conversion
  • Identify the keyword a specific customer converted on
  • Calculate budgets and forecast customer acquisition cost
  • Simple reporting to guide informed decisions

This enables marketers and business owners to understand how effective their search engine marketing is, which customers are attributed to their SEM budgets, and which keywords generate new business.

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Advertise to Customers that Never Visited Your Website

Social Media is an important part of any online marketing strategy. Building a strong social media profile is a great way to reach an important part of your audience in the channels they prefer.

But how do you convert shares and likes into customers?

DailyStory link retargeting enables you to build customer segments for ad networks, such as Google, simply by clicking on links you share.

  • Continue to share links to any online content
  • Track link clicks and future conversions
  • Build audience segments in popular ad platforms such as Google or Facebook
  • Get click-through activity reports to understand what’s popular

Using retargeting links you can continue to share important content from around the Internet with your audience. Not only will you be able to track the clicks, but every click is tagged with your advertising pixels enabling you to show ads to those potential customers.

It’s an incredibly effective way to reach an audience that may not have visited your website. Enabling marketers and business owners to confidently share content on any online channel and later target the person who clicked on the link with ads.

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We provide the features to help you convert visitors

Helping you understand your customer journey is only part of what we do. We’ve also built a suite of solutions designed to help you convert visitors into customers. There are no tedious or complex technologies to integrate together – we take care of all of that for you – enabling you to stay focused on your business and your customers.

Entice website visitors with Coupons, Free Offers, and more

72 percent of consumers prefer email as their source of business communication. Therefore getting a visitor to “convert” and share their email address is an important first step to becoming a customer. It’s the most important piece of information you can use to use to market to your customers.

But how to ask for it? Show a popup when new visitors arrive and offer them a coupon? Or maybe show a popup when people are leaving and offer a newsletter sign up? There are lots of different techniques, but it usually requires combing many different technologies together that never seem to work quite right.

DailyStory provides a growing suite of features specifically designed to help with on-site conversions.

  • Offer coupons and discounts when visitors arrive
  • Offer coupons and discounts to visitors that abandoned their carts
  • Promote offers, such as a newsletter sign up, when visitors are leaving
  • Run reports and A/B test to see which offers work best

And, these features are all integrated into DailyStory’s workflow and campaign management system – making it easy for you to create automatons and rules.

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Create powerful landing and squeeze pages

Lead capture forms are an effective way to convert visitors. These are forms that visitors fill out when they want more information about your product or service. They are most often used in conjunction with an ad and the goal is to capture contact information from the visitor.

Lead capture pages are usually published on the website or are hosted on a separate specialized application for building landing pages.

DailyStory enables customers to publish landing page on their own website property or hosted on DailyStory.

  • Design and change forms in minutes
  • Includes pre-built landing pages for every form with social sharing
  • Easily integrate with existing, custom built forms
  • Use reCAPTCHA, custom HTML/CSS, and more

In addition, DailyStory provides a growing list of integrations with popular content management platforms, such as WordPress and Medium.

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Get alerts when customers are on your website

Tomorrow’s sales pipeline is on your website today. And you should proactively follow up with them every opportunity you have. But how do you proactively follow up with these customers at the right moment?

DailyStory solves this problem through Lead Visit Alerts.

Leads Visit Alerts enable you to take actions and stay informed when leads or customers visit specific pages on your website.

  • Send timely email offers for related products
  • Send alerts to notify team members when a lead is on your website
  • Use web hooks to push notifications to other systems.

This means that when one of your leads comes back to your site you can take action immediately and follow up with those great leads while they’re active on your site and interested in your products and services.

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