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It starts with great communication

If you aren’t communicating, your members aren’t thinking about you, taking your classes, or showing up for lessons.

And worst case: they cancel their membership.

But when do you find the time?

If you’re a gym owner looking to grow your business and attract more members, you know how important this type of communication is.

But between running your business and keeping up with the latest fitness trends, finding the time to create and execute effective marketing campaigns can be a challenge.

That’s where our platform comes in

We will help you keep more of your members by automating much of your regular member communication through email and text messaging.

Some examples include

These are examples of automated campaigns that you can “set-and-forget” – they run automatically:

  • New member welcome campaigns
  • Class reminders
  • Celebrating membership anniversaries
  • Sharing important news and updates
  • Monthly class schedules
  • Retention campaigns
  • Points and Loyalty campaigns
  • Win-back campaigns

Our marketing automation platform is designed to make marketing easier and more efficient for gym owners like you.

If you’re ready to take your gym’s marketing to the next level, try our marketing automation platform today. With our easy-to-use tools and expert support, you’ll be able to create and execute effective marketing campaigns that attract more members and grow your business.

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