Connect Mindbody with DailyStory

DailyStory is digital marketing for Mindbody

DailyStory’s native integration with Mindbody gives you the full benefit of a email and text messaging solution to automate, nurture, and grow your business.

DailyStory is a Mindbody Partner

As a Mindbody Partner, DailyStory has access to additional support and resources from Mindbody. We use those to directly help you get the most out of the Mindbody integration.

Mindbody customers love DailyStory

“I have a lot of experience with a number of email marketing tools (like MailChimp, Emma and Constant Contact), but using DailyStory was such a leveling-up moment for my business.”
Caren Roblin Owner & Coach, Kaia FIT

Key benefits to DailyStory Mindbody integration

Below are several of the benefits you’ll enjoy with Mindbody integration:

  • Sync Mindbody data
  • Cross-regional support
  • Shared marketing
  • Automated segments
  • Franchise support
  • Powerful automations

Create meaningful campaigns, newsletters, offers and more

Use the data synced from Mindbody to create welcome campaign, retention campaigns, newsletters and more. And, Mindbody is always the “source of truth” – as long as it’s updated in Mindbody, it will be reflected in DailyStory.

Tired of tracking memberships? You’ll love segments

Use the data synced from Mindbody to create dynamic segments that update as data in Mindbody changes. Want to target inactive members? No problem. Want to drip a welcome email or sms when someone signs up for a new membership? Easy.

And, DailyStory does so much more

DailyStory is a comprehensive marketing automation platform built for growing businesses.

  • Email marketing
  • SMS marketing
  • Popups
  • Web forms
  • QR Codes
  • Link Tracking

And those are just some of the features of the DailyStory platform!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mindbody is a popular and powerful solution that connects the world to wellness and is the leading one-stop shop for over 50,000 wellness professionals.
No, but Mindbody integration is only available in paid plans. Please contact us if you want to setup a trial with Mindbody integration.
Yes, DailyStory is a Mindbody partner.
Yes, members can visit multiple locations without receiving duplicate marketing from each location. Cross-regional support is a unique capability found only in the DailyStory Mindbody integration.
Cross-regional support ensures your members can visit multiple locations without receiving duplicate marketing from each location.
Mindbody data is synced every 2 hours (membership, last visit, pricing options and more).
Yes, create campaigns, emails, landing pages and more once. Share with multiple locations with a single click.
Yes, franchises can easily share and report across all franchise locations.
Setup is easy. In fact, we do nearly all of it for you. And, once setup, your client data from Mindbody is immediately available within DailyStory.
Membership, last visit, pricing options and more. Please see our documentation for more details.
No, Mindbody acts as the master source of data synced from Mindbody.

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