SMS Marketing with DailyStory

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for engaging your customers with a proven ROI.

Why use SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a great way to engage you customers and compliment your other marketing communication.

Use DailyStory’s SMS marketing to send highly targeted, personalized messages. Or, send large volume bulk messages. Either way our dynamic segments, automation, and scheduling makes setting up and sending text messages easy. And, it’s all integrated with a single multi-channel solution.

Reach up to 98% of consumers

SMS text messaging is a channel of communication available to upwards of 98 percent of consumers. And, according to research conducted for the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA), the average response time is 90 seconds.

Multi-channel marketing

DailyStory provides you with a single, easy-to-use platform where you can manage your text messages, emails, and other channels together. A single platform means less to manage and a more comprehensive an cohesive approach to your marketing campaigns.

Easy to use SMS Message Builder

Simple to use visual designer let’s you quickly build and design your SMS marketing messages. You’ll see a preview what your customer will see. Next, send yourself a simple test message and get a personalized version of the SMS marketing you’ll send to your customers.

SMS marketing designer

Deliverability Prediction

Advanced text message scoring AI helps you avoid getting your message flagged as a carrier violation. Our unique experience sending millions of text messages gives you the tools to understand how “risky” a message may be.

SMS marketing deliverabilty score

Scale your SMS Marketing with Automation

DailyStory’s advanced automation tools you can automate your SMS marketing. Send happy birthday messages, new customer welcome messages, automate loyalty milestones and so much more.

Automate SMS marketing

Reply to Your Customers with Conversation View

Use our conversation view to access the messages you’ve sent to a customer and the replies they’ve sent back. Easily track and respond to all your customer messages in a simple and intuitive manner.

SMS conversation view

Increase Revenue with SMS Marketing Conversion Tracking

When enabled for your point of sale solution & website you can track any DailyStory campaign activity back to online transactions. See who converted and who didn’t. Send follow up SMS marketing to potential customers that didn’t convert.

track conversions

Take the Guess Work Out of Your SMS marketing

DailyStory’s SMS marketing reporting provides you insights into opt-ins, opt-outs for subscribers, as well as all the delivery information you need to run great SMS marketing campaigns.

sms marketing reports

Protection with Audit Logs and Double Opt-in

There are many compliance challenges with SMS marketing. We help you by providing detailed opt-in/opt-out audit logs along with the ability to double opt-in SMS marketing subscribers.

SMS marketing audit log

More of DailyStory’s SMS Marketing Features

DailyStory’s text message marketing includes all the features you need to run your next text message campaign. Below are some of the capabilities offered:

Support for both long and short codes

Whether you are using a long code phone number or a short code phone number, DailyStory supports both.

Smart number routing

Use a pool of numbers and DailyStory will guarantee to always send using the same number and more.

Intelligent reply management

An inbox where you can view replies to your text messages and respond directly back to customers.

Simplified keyword configuration

Easily setup keywords with auto-responder messages that automatically add senders to campaigns.

Easy to use content personalization

DailyStory’s full personalization engine is available, including custom fields within your contacts.

Include images and other media

Add images (MMS) to your text messages. DailyStory will add them to our CDN and size them for MMS.

Track individual clicks

Click tracking per individual messages sent so you can know who clicked on your links.

Automatically shorten URLs

DailyStory will automatically take any URL in your text message and shorten it. Saving you characters!

Automate follow-ups

Build automations using DailyStory Autopilot when messages are sent, clicked, replied to and more.

Text to join / sign up

Setup keywords that when texted in automatically sign the person up for a campaign.

Validate deliverability of your message

DailyStory’s Deliverability Score helps you know whether or not your text messages violates carrier rules.

Auto opt-out management

DailyStory can automatically opt recipients out of text messages when keywords, such as STOP, are used.

Of course there is more to be found in DailyStory’s SMS marketing. And, we’d love to tell you more.

We’re experts at SMS marketing and we send millions of text messages each month. We can help ensure your campaign is a success too.

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