SMS Marketing is Real-Time and Personal

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  • 95% of SMS messages are read within 2 minutes
  • 2-way conversational marketing with customers
  • Capture cart abandons, send reminders, and so much more

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SMS Marketing is Real-Time and Personal

DailyStory SMS Marketing Features

Simple and Easy to Understand Pricing

Start for free with 50 text message credits included. Then you either use the pay-as-you-go rate or pre-purchase monthly text message credits at a discount. You only pay for outbound messages. Inbound messages from your customers are always free.

The Highest SMS Marketing Delivery Rates

Getting you the highest deliverability rate for your messages is our #1 priority. We help navigate the complexities of text messaging and the nuances of how carriers view your message. Whether is it choosing the right sending number, warming up your campaign or navigating 10DLC. We’re here to help!

Auto-generate Content with ChatGPT

Creating content for your next SMS marketing campaign can be time-consuming and frustrating. With DailyStory’s built-in ChatGPT writing assistant you can create dozens of marketing text messages in seconds.

AI-driven Deliverability Score

We’ve built artificial intelligence into our SMS deliverability score to help determine if your content will pass carrier filtering rules. The wrong content will cause carrier violations and prevent your message from being delivered.

Full Compliance Management

From audit logging, opt-in/opt-out management, and expertise in carrier filtering, DailyStory helps keep your business stay compliant with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other carrier association rules.

Report for Clicks, Opt-ins, Replies and more

DailyStory’s reports provide insights into delivery, sent, clicks, opt-outs and more. All reports support exporting your data to Excel or Google Sheets as a comma separated value (CSV) file.

Automatic URL Shortener

DailyStory’s built in URL shortener creates a unique URL for each text message marketing recipient. And eliminates the need to use public URL shorteners like (which will get your message blocked). Use our private shortening domains or bring your own domain. Your URLs can contain all the UTM codes, affiliate ids and whatever else you need to track your sales and conversions.

10 DLC Expertise for Long Codes

As one of the first adopters of 10DLC, our SMS marketing experts can help you navigate the complexities of 10DLC registration. We’re in constant contact with our carrier partners to help our customer understand when and how 10DLC registration is required.

Two-way Conversational Messages

Your customers can reply to your text messages and you have multiple options for how to handle those replies: you can reply directly using the DailyStory conversational view, automate replies based on words/phrases, or integrate with one of our support management partners such as Gorgias.

Send Transactional and Marketing Messages

DailyStory can send your transactional (abandon cart, order shipped, one time password) and marketing messaging while ensuring full compliance. Each message type support full personalization so you can provide your customer a personalized experience.

Smart Number Area Code Routing

With local number routing, DailyStory matches a sending number with the recipient’s number based on the area code. Creating both better deliverability and higher open rates.

Send Automated Replies

Automated replies are as simple as replies for certain keywords or as complex as interactive surveys. Easily create automated replies that answer common questions such as sending your stores address, update on orders, and more.

Request Real-time Reviews

Request real-time reviews when a customer leaves your store or completes a transaction. For example, you can automate a Google My Business review after receiving a positive rating.

Comprehensive Keyword Management

Easily setup keywords for opt-in with auto-responder messages. Or, automatically add senders to campaign and run automations after the keyword is received. There is no limit on the number of keywords you can create and use.

Opt-in Management

Support for opt-in and double opt-in using any of DailyStory’s inbound customer acquisition tools (Popups, Magic Forms, and Web Forms). Includes full audit-logging and pre-built double opt-in templates.

Opt-out Management

Automatic opt out management using reserved words (STOP, QUIT, etc.), manual opt-out, and AI driven opt-out based on more colorful responses. All opt-out activity is logged in an audit log for compliance purposes.

Do Not Contact

DailyStory maintains an audit trail of who has unsubscribed or was listed as do not contact in your SMS marketing list. The system then ensures these people cannot be texted again, but still remain in your system to ensure they can’t accidentally be re-added.

Personalized Text Messages

Make your message standout by using personalization in your SMS marketing. Use any custom field you’ve imported or brought in from an integration. For example, include a Shopify abandon cart URL.

Automate Welcomes, Abandons and More

DailyStory’s automation engine enables you to automate virtually any communication: auto-responders, drip campaigns, visitor notifications and more. You can automate when text messages are sent and send text messages when certain conditions are met, such send a Slack notification after a customer visits a certain page in your website.

Images in your Message

Using images in you SMS marketing is a great way to engage customers. And, DailyStory fully supports multi-media text messages (MMS). Additionally DailyStory will store and host your image on our content distribution network (CDN) and optimize the size of the image for text messaging.

Built-in One Time Password (OTP)

When creating your message, if our platform detects any potentially restricted content that causes carrier violations and delivery issues, it can auto-enforce a requirement to send the recipient a one time password (OTP) when they click on a link.

A/B Test SMS Marketing

Use A/B testing in your SMS marketing to determine which messages perform best with customers. Then, let DailyStory choose the winner and send your messages.

Use Built-in Keywords or Add Your Own

Setup keywords that when sent to your SMS sending number automatically sign the person up for a campaign. By default DailyStory includes standard carrier keyword support: JOIN, START, and OPTIN. But, unlike other SMS marketing platforms, we allow you to add an unlimited number of keywords.

Scheduled or Automated Sends

Easily schedule and send text messages to different lists of customers (segments). Or, use automations to automatically send text messages based on conditions or triggers that happen within your campaigns.

Powerful Audience Segmentation

DailyStory’s audience segmentation tool enables you to organize your SMS marketing list by any criteria: product purchased, geo-targeting, campaigns participating in, or virtually any other data you can bring in to the DailyStory platform.

Use Emojis in your SMS Marketing

Include emojis in the body of your text message to help it standout on your recipient’s device. Just use our emoji picker when writing your email or copy/paste your own.

Developer Friendly

Use DailyStory’s APIs to send scheduled or transactional text messages.

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