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Why Marketing Attribution Is More Important Than You Think

What if I told you that you have everything you need to enable marketing to improve your sales funnels, but that you may be missing one important part? My experience is that most mid-sized businesses have islands of data in a variety of digital tools … Continue reading “Why Marketing Attribution Is More Important Than You Think”

DailyStory Earns Customer Experience Management Software Awards from FinancesOnline!

DailyStory was recently reviewed by FinancesOnline — a professional software review website that lists and discusses B2B software services in an effort to supply business owners with valuable information. Their software reviews assist decision makers going through the demanding process of finding the right tools … Continue reading “DailyStory Earns Customer Experience Management Software Awards from FinancesOnline!”

Simple Salesforce integration for any website

Salesforce integration to capture new leads from any web form on your website doesn’t need to be difficult or require custom code. Since starting DailyStory I’ve had an opportunity to work with several customers that wanted Salesforce integration. But they didn’t have the budget for … Continue reading “Simple Salesforce integration for any website”

What is Click Fraud and How to Prevent It

Click fraud is a black-hat technique used to inflate the number of clicks on a pay-per-click ad. One of our customers asked us to build a report so she could get more detail into our paid search ad tracking – paid search ad tracking enables … Continue reading “What is Click Fraud and How to Prevent It”

6 Best Practices for Online Chat Support

The popularity of online shopping has grown tremendously. And, with customers spending more time and money online, this has raised customers expectations for online services. Traditional email and phone support channels aren’t enough. Today’s customers expect online chat options so they can talk with a … Continue reading “6 Best Practices for Online Chat Support”

DailyStory MailChimp integration for building email lists

DailyStory MailChimp integration connects MailChimp’s comprehensive email marketing solution with DailyStory’s powerful customer engagement solution. A June 2016 survey of US marketers conducted by the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric found that email had a median ROI of 122%. This is four times higher than other marketing … Continue reading “DailyStory MailChimp integration for building email lists”

Using Customer Conversations to Convert Visitors

Customer conversations are a great way to turn today’s visitor into tomorrow’s customer. Have you ever gone to a store and had a conversation with someone that works there? Maybe you talked with a cashier about the weather outside. It doesn’t matter what you talked about … Continue reading “Using Customer Conversations to Convert Visitors”

Strategies for Building Website Traffic on a Budget

It’s easy to spend the majority of your new website budget on design and development without money left over for promotion and marketing, and now you need to grow website traffic. Maybe you’ve found yourself in this situation? The good news is you can do … Continue reading “Strategies for Building Website Traffic on a Budget”

Announcing Mater – A Free Documentation Platform

Mater is a simple, open source, GitHub-based doc system built for Microsoft Azure. We built Mater to manage and publish our documentation and semi-officially announced open-sourcing Mater last week on our Twitter account. How it works Mater is designed to store all documentation, images, videos and other … Continue reading “Announcing Mater – A Free Documentation Platform”

What is Structured Data And How To Use It

Structured data is information you add in your web pages to help search engines better understand your content. 77% of search traffic goes through Google and not all search results are the same. This means you are constantly looking for opportunities to help your search … Continue reading “What is Structured Data And How To Use It”

Building outbound links? You may have a link phishing security issue

If you are building outbound links and using target=”_blank” to open clicks in a new browser tab, you may have a link phishing security issue. As a digital marketing business, we want to help people find great content. That means we create lots of content … Continue reading “Building outbound links? You may have a link phishing security issue”

Best Marketing Conferences 2017

Looking for a list of the best marketing conferences for 2017? Our up-to-date list of the best marketing conferences for 2017 will help you find one of the dozens of marketing conferences happening around the world this year. We’re also keeping it up-to-date so you … Continue reading “Best Marketing Conferences 2017”

Building a Data-Driven Account Based Marketing Platform

When I think about building software for marketers, I’m building on the experience I’ve had from previous businesses and some of the challenges that I experienced. Because of this business influence, I believe DailyStory is taking a distinctly different view of what a marketing automation platform … Continue reading “Building a Data-Driven Account Based Marketing Platform”

Top 10 Reasons to Use Exit Intent

Exit Intent is an offer shown in a popup when a visitor is about to leave your website. It is your last chance to convert the visitor before they leave. Exit Intent is a feature of the DailyStory Customer Engagement platform. Below are 10 reasons … Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons to Use Exit Intent”

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), as it relates to digital marketing, is the application of a system and process – typically automated with software – designed to convert a higher percentage of visitors into customers. A basic use of conversion rate optimization starts with a base … Continue reading “What is Conversion Rate Optimization?”

AdWords or AdWords Express: Which Ad Platform?

There are two primary strategies for reaching your audience when they are searching on Google or Bing for your product or service: content found organically and advertisements. Both are critical. Small businesses especially recognize the need to optimize for both organic and search engine marketing. The … Continue reading “AdWords or AdWords Express: Which Ad Platform?”

DailyStory Now Available In Microsoft AppSource

We’re excited to announce that DailyStory 30-day Trials are now available in Microsoft AppSource! You can find DailyStory on Microsoft AppSource in a number of ways. The easiest? Type in “marketing automation” into the search bar and we’re the first result: This brings up a list of results. DailyStory … Continue reading “DailyStory Now Available In Microsoft AppSource”

Reporting on Lead Conversion Funnel

We’ve had some great feedback from our customers so far and continue to push out bug fixes and features almost every day. We have slowly started turning on some of the reporting features for a few of our customers. Later today we’re going to enable … Continue reading “Reporting on Lead Conversion Funnel”

Great digital marketing integration with sales equals more revenue

Over the past several weeks I’ve had multiple conversations about DailyStory and our vision for helping in the evolution of digital sales and marketing. One of the consistent topics that keeps coming up is: the struggle many leaders have of connecting the investments made in … Continue reading “Great digital marketing integration with sales equals more revenue”

Organic search performance (SEO) on Google

Building a great organic search strategy is critical for improving your Google organic search rankings. The good news is that the fundamentals are easy to follow and even easier to implement to ensure you show up on the first page in Google search results. Content … Continue reading “Organic search performance (SEO) on Google”

Using Exit Intent with DailyStory and WordPress

A couple of days ago I wrote about 3 best practices for exit intent. Exit intent is something that is built-in to DailyStory as part of the digital marketers toolkit we include. Adding exit intent to your website with DailyStory is super simple Once the DailyStory … Continue reading “Using Exit Intent with DailyStory and WordPress”

Exit Intent Best Practices to Improve Conversion Rate

Done right, managing your visitors intent to leave your site, known as Exit Intent, can directly impact your conversion rates. Done wrong it can be an annoying distraction and be damaging to your brand. This article contains a list of Exit Intent best practices. You’ve … Continue reading “Exit Intent Best Practices to Improve Conversion Rate”

Integrating DailyStory and WordPress

WordPress is a great CMS, but the best thing about it is the simplicity. When I set out to launch WordPress was a natural choice because I also wanted to build integration between DailyStory and WordPress. Part of the premise of DailyStory is to manage people through … Continue reading “Integrating DailyStory and WordPress”

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages? What is AMP?

Greater than 56% of the content on the web is accessed through mobile devices and this number is only growing! Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a new standard from Google to ensure your content renders as quickly and efficiently as possible on mobile devices. Odds … Continue reading “What are Accelerated Mobile Pages? What is AMP?”

Hello World, Introducing DailyStory

If you are a developer, ‘hello world’ is a familiar concept. If you’re not, its typically what developers use for the first message of a new program they are working on. Once upon a time I wrote software, so I thought it was a fitting title … Continue reading “Hello World, Introducing DailyStory”