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DailyStory’s email marketing platform sends millions of emails every day.

Email marketing is the number one way to reach your customers

91 percent of U.S. consumers use email

And, it is estimated that for every $1 spent on email marketing, an average of $38 is gained, making the ROI (return on investment) a potential 3,800 percent. If you aren’t using email marketing as part of your marketing strategy, you are missing an opportunity

61 percent of consumers prefer email

And 4.24 percent of visitors from email marketing buy something, compared to 2.49 percent of visitors from search engines and 0.59 percent from social media. Email marketing should be a cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy.

Drag-and-drop designer

Use the DailyStory email marketing drag-and-drop designer to customize your email without requiring any knowledge of HTML. Simply drag widgets onto the design surface and set options, such as the image to display.

Email marketing

Bring your own custom CSS and HTML

Working with an agency or build your own HTML for your emails? No problem, easily import your own HTML directly into our HTML editor along with CSS. Then, edit the HTML and CSS in a simple designer to see your changes reflected live.

Email editor custom HTML, CSS and AMP

Reports to easily show open, clicks and more

Use reports to quickly see best delivery dates and times, emails sent, clicks, opens, opt-outs, bounces and more. All reports support exporting your data to Excel or Google Sheets as a comma separated value (CSV) file.

DailyStory email reports

More of DailyStory’s email marketing features

DailyStory’s email marketing includes everything you need to run your next email marketing campaign. Below are some of the capabilities offered:

Mobile friendly by default

Emails built in the DailyStory designer benefit from immediate support for mobile rendering. With more emails read on mobile devices it’s important your emails look great on mobile.

Schedule by date and time or automate

Easily schedule and send emails to different segments. Or, use automations to automatically send emails based on conditions or triggers that happen within your campaigns.

Specify plain text

A plain text email is devoid of images, colors, styles, tables and everything else marketers use to make their email as visually attractive as possible. And it is sent as text/plain in the body of the email.

Google AMP

AMP is an extension of Google AMP used to speed up landing pages, blog posts and full websites. Google supports AMP for marketing email too and you can build AMP emails in DailyStory.

Optimize subject line and preview text

Control the text shown in the inbox with DailyStory’s preview text support. This enables you to quickly scan your inbox and decide if you want read, save, or archive the email.

Personalize subject, preview, body and more

Make your message standout by using personalization in your email marketing. The content of each email needs to match characteristics of the recipient.

Support for merge tags

In addition to personalization, DailyStory also fully supports a standard set of merge tags commonly found in other email marketing platforms.

Use emojis in the subject and preview line

Include emojis 🎁 in the subject line of your email to help it standout in the inbox. Just use our emoji picker when writing your email.

Opt-in and opt-out built in

DailyStory handles all the subscribe and unsubscribe by setting the appropriate headers, including unsubscribe links, and helping manage opt outs.

Reliable email marketing privacy controls

Don’t want to support open and click tracking in your emails. You have full control over your email marketing privacy settings in DailyStory.

Unsubscribe and do not contact

DailyStory maintains an audit trail of who has unsubscribed or was listed as do not contact. The system then ensures these people cannot be emailed.

Supports GDPR and CPPA

Don’t want to support open and click tracking in your emails. You have full control over your email marketing privacy settings in DailyStory.

Of course there is more to be found in DailyStory’s email marketing features from reports to advanced design tools.

We’re experts at email marketing and we send millions of emails each month. We can help ensure your campaign is a success too.

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