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Easy to use Email Marketing

DailyStory Email Marketing Features

Optimized for Desktop And Mobile

DailyStory’s email designer ensures that emails are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, as a growing number of emails are read on mobile. Additionally, the emails are optimized for major email clients including Outlook and Gmail.

Exceptional Inbox Delivery

Ensuring your emails reach the inbox is our top priority. To achieve this, we provide dedicated IP addresses and assist in configuring your sending domain with SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records. We also offer email warm-up services to further improve delivery.

Reports on Key Metrics

DailyStory’s reports give insight into delivery, sent emails, clicks, opens, opt-outs, bounces, and more. All reports can be exported to Excel or Google Sheets in CSV format. Or, have reports delivered to your inbox daily, weekly, or monthly.

Reliable Email Marketing Privacy Controls

With DailyStory’s email privacy controls you can choose which of your emails enable click and open tracking. And all of the emails sent from DailyStory are sent using encrypted protocols to protect your data on the way to your inbox. Additionally, with DKIM and SPF records your customers can trust who the email came from.

Opt-in Management

Support for opt-in and double opt-in using any of DailyStory’s inbound customer acquisition tools (Popups, Magic Forms, and Web Forms). Includes full audit-logging and pre-build double opt-in email templates.

Opt-out Management

Automatically enforces CAN-SPAM best practices with opt-out headers, links, and customizable opt-out pages. All opt-out activity is logged in the audit log. Optionally make use of email preferences to provide more options to keep customers subscribed.

Personalize Subject, Body and More

Make your message standout by using personalization in your email marketing. You can even use any custom field you’ve imported or brought in from an integration. Personalized and targeted emails have a much higher open and click rate.

Automate Welcomes, Abandons and More

DailyStory’s email automation enables you to automate virtually any communication: auto-responders, drip campaigns, visitor notifications and more. You can automate when emails are sent and send emails when certain conditions are met, such as after a customer visits a certain page in your website.

Drag-and-Drop Designer

Use the DailyStory email marketing drag-and-drop designer to customize your email without requiring any knowledge of HTML. Simply drag widgets onto the design surface and set options, such as the image to display.

Full HTML and CSS Editing

Working with an agency or hand crafting your own HTML for your emails? No problem, easily import your own HTML directly into our HTML editor along with your CSS. Then, edit the HTML and CSS in a simple designer to see your changes reflected live.

Support for Google AMP

AMP for Email is an extension of Google AMP. Google AMP is a technology used to speed up landing pages, blog posts and full websites. Google supports AMP for marketing email too and you can build AMP emails in DailyStory.

A/B Testing

Create experiments with your email marketing to see how different content performs. Test an unlimited number of variants and let DailyStory send the rest of your email marketing campaign based on the “winning” criteria.

Click Heatmaps

Visualize what links are getting the most clicks in your emails with heatmaps. DailyStory’s heatmap visualization overlays your email with a visual indication that lets you quickly understand how recipients are engaging with your email.

Scheduled or Automated Sends

Easily schedule and send emails to different segments. Or, use automations to automatically send emails based on conditions or triggers that happen within your campaigns.

Powerful Audience Segmentation

DailyStory’s audience segmentation enables you to organize your email marketing list by virtually any criteria: product purchased, geo-targeting, campaigns participating in, or virtually any other data you can bring in to the DailyStory platform.

Optimize Subject Line and Inbox Preview

Using DailyStory’s preview text support you can control exactly what text is shown in the inbox preview when recipients see your message in their inbox. This enables them to quickly scan their inbox and decide if they want read, save, or archive the email.

Use Emojis in the Subject and Preview

Include emojis in the subject line of your email to help it standout in the inbox. Just use our emoji picker when writing your email or copy/paste your own.

Support for Plain Text

DailyStory fully supports “plain text” emails. A plain text email is devoid of images, colors, styles, tables and everything else marketers use to make their email as visually attractive as possible.

Do Not Contact

DailyStory maintains an audit trail of who has unsubscribed or was listed as do not contact in your email marketing list. The system then ensures these people cannot be emailed again, but still remain in your system to ensure they can’t accidentally be re-added.

GDPR and CCPA Compliance

We take the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) seriously and continue to add support to ensure we’re compliant by default.

Developer Friendly

Use DailyStory’s APIs to send scheduled or transactional emails.

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