Connect any form with Magic Forms

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  • Connect to any web form on your website
  • No-code, just copy the URL and select fields
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Connect any form with Magic Forms

What is a Magic Form?

A DailyStory’s Magic Form is a unique feature that enables DailyStory to connect to virtually any form on your website. Visit the Magic Forms documentation to learn more about how it works.

Auto-responders and more

Any form on your website connected to a DailyStory Magic Form immediately can send an auto-response when the form is submitted, automatically add the contact or enrich the contact in DailyStory, Trigger a DailyStory automation.

Capture website form data

Just add the DailyStory beacon or WordPress plug-in to your web site, copy your forms URL, select the fields for DailyStory to capture and that’s it! The DailyStory Magic Form takes care of the rest.

DailyStory Magic Form Key Features

DailyStory’s Magic Forms enable you to integrate DailyStory with any web form on your website. This includes custom HTML forms or those built with HTML form applications such as Ninja Forms. Below are some of the capabilities offered.

No code, just configure

At DailyStory we love developers. But features like Magic Forms are powerful because anyone can configure and setup a Magic Form.

Auto-discover Form Fields

Simply copy-paste the URL where your form is hosted, such as a contact us form, and paste it into the URL for the Magic Form. DailyStory will then list the fields it finds.

Start an Automation

Use the Magic Form submitted trigger to start an automation in DailyStory. Quickly build auto-responders or more complex automations based on the form’s data.

Enrich Existing Customer Records

Use the data submitted from any form on your website to enrich existing contacts. Collect first name, email, page visited and even tag based on form submissions.

Create New Leads

When a Magic Form is submitted if the contact doesn’t exist it will be created and a new lead is added to the campaign the Magic Form is associated with.

Collect Custom Data

Easily collect custom data from your website forms using Custom Field integration. Simply map the form field to your custom field and DailyStory takes care of the rest.

Explore DailyStory’s Capabilities and Features

DailyStory includes all these amazing capabilities:

  • Experiments and multivariate testing
  • ROI and conversion tracking
  • Web Forms
  • Pre-built email templates
  • Pre-built automations
  • Import and export contacts
  • Reports and analytics
  • QR Codes
  • URL Shortener
  • Magic Forms

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