Our story – how DailyStory started

It all started in 2017 when DailyStory was founded by Rob Howard.

Rob’s previous company worked with some of the world’s best brands: Microsoft, Starbucks, Sitecore, Siemens, Mary Kay, Xbox, Dell, Titleist and hundreds of others. They created online communities that transformed how these brands supported their customers.
Amazing things together

One of Rob’s long time frustrations when running his previous business was how difficult it was to answer simple questions about marketing and sales.

Sometimes you are lucky

At Rob’s previous startup, the sales and marketing team were spending hundreds-of-thousands of dollars on complex CRM, marketing automation, and analytics tools. These tools rarely could communicate with one-another and any meaningful insight took weeks to obtain.

In the end, marketing was largely guess work. Luckily most the guesses were correct, but there had to be a better way.

Too many unanswered questions

Rob’s own experience running an advertising campaign on a popular business networking site cemented his belief in the need to address this problem.

This particular ad campaign appeared to be highly successful – judging by the number of leads it created. So much so that marketing wanted to double-down the investment in the following quarter.

Before making this investment, marketing was asked to determine how much the current sales pipeline was attributed to the campaign.

However, after performing nearly a week of “marketing forensics” to determine where all those leads were in the marketing or sales funnel. The answer was clear: none of the leads were entering the sales funnel and the campaign was cancelled saving the company thousands of dollars.

Why did it need to be so difficult to answer such a simple question?

Marketing should be integrated

As a software engineer by background, Rob also believed that the marketing “stack” (email, text messaging, journey mapping, reporting, etc.) should be vertically integrated.

In other words, it shouldn’t require an engineering degree to run the and automate marketing.

In 2017 DailyStory was Founded

In February of 2017, Rob founded DailyStory to solve this problem and the first version of the DailyStory platform was available later that fall.

Too be honest, it was a little rough. In fact, it took almost 14 months to get the first customer. All the while the platform kept improving and growing.

Today, DailyStory is a thought leader in helping B2Bs address their digital marketing efforts and offers services to help leaders apply best practices in the businesses.

We believe in process, consistency and measurability

Today’s leaders know that digital is a critical component for how they win the hearts and minds of customers. Research finds that upwards of 70% of buying decisions takes place before a person even talks to the sales organization – and much of that purchase decision is driven by what the buyer finds on the web. This makes digital channels, and most importantly your website, the most authoritative source for your buyers.

Whether buying a new home, an enterprise software solution or choosing which charity to give to, consumers start with an Internet search – it is likely how you ended up here.

All of these digital touch points can be measured, analyzed and improved. That is what we seek to do for you.

We believe each customer is unique

Traditional marketing segments audiences and creates campaigns designed to motivate certain actions.

Customer engagement strives to create an emotional connection between a customer and a company or brand. This connection can be a reaction, interaction, effect or overall customer experience.

Each of your customers is unique and we help you automate and scale your relationships for sales, renewals, and growth one customer at a time

We believe great marketing tells a story

We would like to help tell yours through our marketing automation platform.

Let’s talk – we’d love an opportunity to work with you

If you want to talk to us, drop us a note hello@dailystory.com or fill out our Contact Us page. We’d love to chat with you.