It all started in 2017

DailyStory was founded in 2017 by Rob Howard.

Rob’s previous company worked with some of the world’s best brands: Microsoft, Starbucks, Sitecore, Siemens, Mary Kay, Xbox, Dell, Titleist and hundreds of others. They created online communities that transformed how these brands supported their customers.
Amazing things together

As an early adopter of a customer success programs, Rob recognized the growing importance of the customer engagement past the initial sale and the role of customer service in that relationship. He saw many of these established brands struggle with how to manage and grow their customer relationships. Most companies see this as a sales & marketing function, Rob sees this as a customer service function.

In February of 2017, Rob left his previous company and founded DailyStory.

DailyStory applies best-practices in Customer Engagement to help businesses create better customer experiences for the current and future customers.

DailyStory offers a Customer Engagement Platform and services to help growing B2B teams by providing them with the strategies and tools they need.

We believe all your visitors should become your customer.

And we’re builing the customer engagement platform to help make that happen.

We believe in the power of digital.

The Internet has forever changed how products and services are bought and sold. Consumers have more power and knowledge about the products they are buying – all available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week through mobile, tablet and desktop experiences. Gone are the days where marketers could rely solely on advertising to influence prospective customers.

We believe in measuring, analyzing and testing everything.

Today’s leaders know that digital is a critical component for how they win the hearts and minds of customers. Research finds that upwards of 70% of buying decisions takes place before a person even talks to the sales organization – and much of that purchase decision is driven by what the buyer finds on the web. This makes digital channels, and most importantly your website, the most authoritative source for your buyers.

Whether buying a new home, an enterprise software solution or choosing which charity to give to, consumers start with an Internet search – it is likely how you ended up here.

All of these digital touch points can be measured, analyzed and improved. That is what we seek to do for you.

We believe each customer is unique.

Traditional marketing segments audiences and creates campaigns designed to motivate certain actions.

Customer engagement strives to create an emotional connection between a customer and a company or brand. This connection can be a reaction, interaction, effect or overall customer experience.

Each of your customers is unique and we help you automate and scale your relationships for sales, renewals, and growth one customer at a time

We believe great marketing tells a story.

We would like to help tell yours.

Looking for more about us?

Check out our Brand Guidelines for using the DailyStory brand. See our Legal section for Terms of Service and other dense reading surely to put you to sleep. We also maintain a list of frequently asked questions.

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