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Digital Marketing 101 Beginners Guide

Most business owners have heard the term “digital marketing” before, but how well do you understand it and the opportunities it offers for your business? We’ve developed this guide to help you and divided it into three main sections:

  • 12 different methods of digital marketing
  • A to-do checklist to optimize your own digital marketing efforts
  • What DailyStory can do for your business’s digital marketing
Digital Marketing 101

SMS Marketing Best Practices for Cannabis Marketers

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for cannabis and CBD marketers, but it’s not as simple as texting your customers once you have their phone numbers. These strategies and tips will help ensure that your texts get delivered and lead to a higher ROI on your invested time and resources. In other words, the more effective the text message marketing, the higher your sales.

SMS Marketing Best Practices for Cannabis Marketers

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