Email Marketing 101

About this Guide

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective and conversion-rich tactics you can embrace within your overall digital marketing strategy. And embracing its best practices can make you even more effective in your efforts.

The strategies and tips in this guide will help ensure that your emails get delivered to recipients’ inboxes (rather than spam) and lead to a higher ROI on your invested time and resources. In other words, the more effective the email marketing, the higher your sales.

What’s included

We’ve divided this guide into three main sections:

10 email strategy and preparation tips

Successful email marketing campaigns don’t just happen. The time and effort you invest in strategizing and planning before you ever schedule your first email is critical to achieving your campaign goals.

In this section, we offer a breakdown of when to use email marketing over text message marketing, as well as 10 tips to improve your email marketing strategy and preparation.

12 email-specific best practices

It’s important to optimize every email you send out if you’re looking to hit your open- and/or conversion-rate goals. After all, the key is that you’re getting your message noticed.

In this section, we detail 12 email-specific best practices that will help you make an impact.

What DailyStory does to help you achieve your email marketing goals

DailyStory is a marketing automation platform. It helps you take your existing and new marketing campaigns and execute them with process, consistency and measurement. It does this with a set of common marketing tools (text message marketing, email marketing, pop-ups, website, landing pages), provides reporting around those, but most importantly enables powerful automation to enable you to run automated campaigns.

Email Marketing 101

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