Franchise Marketing

Provide custom-tailored digital advertising for hundreds or thousands of brand locations, in one central place.

Shared Campaigns

Complete more sales by sending well-timed messages. An AI-based scoring system for message delivery ensures that your message reaches the recipient.

Reporting per Location

Build client lists based on previous or related purchases, and utilize personalization and insights to boost deliverability and engagement.

Built for Franchisors

DailyStory’s automation features ensures critical customer communications is sent at the right time to deliver consistent and personalized messages.
Streamline your marketing efforts, maintain brand consistency, and increase franchisee ROI. All leading to a better franchise member experience and a more profitable business.

What is a Franchising Marketing Strategy?

Franchising is a targeted business approach employed to gain a larger market share, attract and retain customers, and foster lasting customer relationships. This unique system enhances the overall brand recognition for the company among both existing and potential customers.

Ideally there are three main goals for a franchise marketing strategy:

  1. Branding – ensure a consistent brand throughout your digital presence.
  2. Communication – to customers, previous customers and prospective customers.
  3. Growth – use digital marketing to grow by finding new customers.

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What are the benefits of marketing automation for franchises?

Streamlined marketing efforts

Utilizing DailyStory’s marketing automation platform, franchisors can create and automate marketing campaigns across multiple channels, such as email, WhatsApp, SMS, with less time and effort.

Consistent Branding

DailyStory enables corporate marketing to create content and then publish that content to franchisees. This maintains brand consistency across all franchise locations, ensuring that each franchisee is using the same messaging and imagery in their marketing efforts.

Increased lead generation

Using automating lead nurturing campaigns, franchisors can increase the number of leads generated, while also providing a personalized experience for each lead.

Improved lead qualification

DailyStory helps franchisors qualify leads based on their behavior and engagement with the brand, enabling them to prioritize leads and focus their efforts on those most likely to convert.

Enhanced reporting and analytics

Marketing automation provides franchisors with detailed reports and analytics on the performance of their marketing campaigns, enabling them to optimize their efforts and make data-driven decisions.

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