Surviving a new normal: how DailyStory can help your business

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Surviving a new normal: how DailyStory can help your business

Gone are the days of small business successes regardless of customer service and overall experience. 

More than ever, businesses must understand consumers’ needs and digitize as many aspects of the purchasing experience as possible. We are living in a customer-first, digital-preferred marketplace.

Particularly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to pivot just to survive, whether that applies to the type of products or services you offer, overall safety precaution adjustments or both.

It’s critical to connect with the consumer and show that you are not only the expert to trust but also care about him or her as a customer.

Doing so can mean your company’s survival. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 100,000 businesses have permanently closed.

So, how do you maximize your digital marketing to better share your brand and engage with customers (and potential customers)?

Expand your tactics and then automate those tactics with DailyStory, of course. 

Track and measure visitor experiences

DailyStory helps you understand what your website visitors are doing, where they came from and how often they’ve returned. You can see the full customer journey and tag visitors for remarketing through your third-party ad networks.

Have you ever been to a website and seen an ad from another website you recently visited? That’s remarketing and it’s a great way to re-enforce your marketing message.

DailyStory can help you target potential customers without them ever visiting your website, building an audience through other people’s content.

When it comes to anonymous visitors on your website, Google Analytics tells part of the story, but wouldn’t you like to know more?

With DailyStory’s anonymous visitor identification feature, Lead Periscope, you can identify your website visitors by business and organization.

Of course, the power of effective digital marketing, in general, resides in the ability to easily and quickly understand what’s working and what’s not.

DailyStory’s reporting dashboards are both intuitive and straightforward. In addition to common performance data (such as email opens, email clicks, text replies, so on), we offer heat maps and additional insights to help inform you.

Capture and convert new customers

When your website visitors are ready to act on your offers or need more information about your products or services, DailyStory makes it easy to capture their information and convert them into leads.

If you already have a list of contacts, you can import them easily to DailyStory for better management and potential conversions along your sales funnel.

You also can promote your welcome and exit offers on your website using DailyStory, whether it’s a newsletter sign-up, a discount offer or something else, that can capture your visitor’s information and add them into your system. Lead-capture forms also are available for use on pre-built landing pages, custom landing pages, squeeze pages and more. These forms automatically upload lead information into DailyStory.

One of the most important aspects of converting leads into customers is personal follow-up. DailyStory allows you to create lead visit alerts that automatically sends email alerts to team members when a prospective customer visits specific pages within your website. This is in addition to general email notifications you can have automatically triggered for your team members.

Automate and nurture your customers

In DailyStory, you can organize all your account activity into easy-to-manage campaigns that can coordinate all customer touch points.

And the messaging goes beyond just emails. Text messages and app push notifications also are available to use. To make your messaging even more powerful, personalization is a feature where you can use contact information to make your message more unique and targeted (such as first names). 

Add to that the audience segments (or groupings) you can create to better target your campaigns as well. Personalization and segmentation work together to increase the success of any given campaign.

Beyond that, who doesn’t appreciate an “easy button” amidst their digital marketing efforts?

DailyStory features a few, including drag-and-drop capabilities in both our email designer and our automation designer, which manages and designs endless combinations of automation capabilities.

The email designer’s drag-and-drop features make it especially easy to convey both your branding and message in record time to your target audiences. However, there also is the ability to edit the HTML and CSS of your email to take your design even further if you prefer.

Power of automation

But the power of taking your digital marketing to the next level is leveraging automation to make your marketing repeatable, consistent and measurable.

Examples of automations:

  • Create a pop-up ad for your website through DailyStory. Then, when it captures a lead, an automation can be set up to immediately send an email.
  • Perhaps the recipient hasn’t opened that email within so many days. Simply resend the same email with a new subject line.
  • Maybe that second email still wasn’t opened, and a follow-up text message is automatically sent.
  • Of course, an email notification to one of your team members to follow up personally could also be sent. 

Another example could include a series of emails, also known as a drip campaign, is sent out to a targeted group of your contacts, nurturing them to purchase a new service or product you’re offering. 

Either way, the automation helps prevent customer leads from falling through the cracks. This enables you to more automatically “be everywhere” along each customer’s journey with your business.

And you can score your customers based on the activities and actions they take. This includes pages viewed, email opens or pages visited. Again, this is all to better inform your overall strategy and increase those conversions.

Integrate and extend your efforts

Automatic integration into your other applications is critical. Use DailyStory’s native integrations with WordPress, Salesforce, Slack, Telligent Community, Mindbody and more for that seamless data sync. 

You also can connect to thousands of other applications using Zapier. Or, you can build your own integrations with our REST APIs and Webhooks.

In other words, DailyStory can work with your existing systems to increase the effectiveness and power of your digital marketing.

In this pandemic climate, it’s more important than ever to streamline your resources and engage with your customers more. Let us help you. Schedule your free demo with us today.

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