Schedule and Send App Push Notifications

Send scheduled and automated Push Notifications to your iOS or Android mobile app.

  • Use personalization and ChatGPT for content creation
  • A familiar user experience to create and schedule messages
  • Easily add support for DailyStory in your mobile app with a few APIs

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Schedule and Send App Push Notifications

DailyStory App Push Notifications Features

Apple iOS and Google Android Support

Adding support for Push Notifications from DailyStory for your iOS or Android mobile app is simple. Just follow the steps in our API documentation to add the necessary code to your mobile app.

Auto-generate Content with ChatGPT

Creating content for your next Push Notification campaign can be time-consuming and frustrating. With DailyStory’s built-in ChatGPT writing assistant you can create compelling content in minutes.

Personalized Push Notifications

Make your message standout by using personalization in your Push Notifications. Use any standard or custom personalization field to send content targeted to the individual recipient.

Automate Notifications, Updates and More

DailyStory’s automation engine enables you to automate virtually any communication: auto-responders, drip campaigns, visitor notifications and more. You can automate when Push Notifications are sent and send Push Notifications when certain conditions are met.

Scheduled or Automated Sends

Easily schedule and send Push Notification to different lists of customers. Or, use automations to automatically send Push Notification based on conditions or triggers that happen within your campaigns.

Powerful Audience Segmentation

DailyStory’s audience segmentation tool enables you to organize your Push Notification audience by any criteria: product purchased, geo-targeting, campaigns participating in, or virtually any other data you can bring in to the DailyStory platform.

Developer Friendly

Use DailyStory’s APIs to send scheduled or transactional Push Notification.

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