Digital Marketing 101 Beginners Guide

About this guide

Most business owners have heard the term “digital marketing” before, but how well do you understand it and the opportunities it offers for your business? It can be overwhelming as it covers many forms and can involve many strategies.

What’s included

We’ve divided this guide into two main sections:

1. 12 different methods of digital marketing

The simplest definition of digital marketing is advertising that’s delivered through digital channels. It can take many forms and involve many strategies. We’ll look at the 12 most popular methods.

2. A to-do checklist to optimize your own digital marketing efforts

The first section featured explanations and recommendations for everything related to digital marketing campaigns. Next, we’ll look at tasks that you can focus on to keep your efforts simple and not overwhelming.

3. What DailyStory can do for your business’s digital marketing

So, how do you maximize your digital marketing to better share your brand and engage with customers (and potential customers)? Expand your tactics and then automate those tactics with DailyStory, of course.

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