SMS Marketing Compliance Guide

About this Guide

The DailyStory SMS Marketing Compliance Guide serves as a comprehensive resource for marketers, emphasizing the complexity and potential of SMS marketing beyond mere customer texting. It outlines essential strategies and tips aimed at ensuring message delivery, compliance with regulations, and maximizing the return on investment. The guide stresses the importance of effective text message marketing in driving sales, highlighting the need for a nuanced understanding of compliance rules, carrier violations, and the utilization of tools like DailyStory to achieve marketing success​​.

What’s included

The SMS Marketing Compliance Guide is divided into several key sections, each addressing critical aspects of SMS marketing within a compliance framework. Here’s a summary of each section based on the initial overview provided and subsequent content:

SMS Compliance Rules & How to Follow Them

This section emphasizes the evolving nature of SMS compliance rules and the importance of staying updated to protect consumers from spam. It categorizes text messages into conversational, informational, and promotional, each requiring different levels of consent. Conversational messages imply consent due to the nature of the interaction, whereas informational messages need express consent. Promotional messages demand express written consent due to their sales or marketing content. Understanding these distinctions is crucial for compliance and avoiding carrier violations​​​​.

Understanding the Regulatory Bodies

The guide clarifies the roles of the TCPA and the CTIA in setting and enforcing SMS rules. The TCPA, a federal law, aims to protect individuals from unsolicited messages, treating SMS as phone calls and requiring express written consent for promotional texts. The CTIA, while not a legislative body, sets guidelines aligning with TCPA laws to further safeguard consumers from unwanted messages, emphasizing the need for marketers to adhere to both sets of rules to ensure compliance and avoid penalties​​.

Deep Dive into Carrier Violations and How to Avoid Them

Carrier violations occur when SMS messages are blocked by carriers due to non-compliance with rules, often leading to future delivery issues. The section covers strategies for warming up SMS sending numbers, choosing between short and long codes, maintaining sending volume within acceptable limits, and the importance of content and message structure for compliance. It also discusses the implications of including URLs in messages, encouraging replies to enhance sender reputation, and the necessity of confirming lead sources and honoring opt-out requests to prevent carrier violations and potential blacklisting​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​.

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DailyStory is a marketing automation platform. It helps you take your existing and new marketing campaigns and execute them with process, consistency and measurement. It does this with a set of common marketing tools (text message marketing, email marketing, pop-ups, web forms, landing pages), provides reporting around those, but most importantly enables powerful automation to enable you to run automated campaigns.

SMS Marketing Compliance Guide

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