Explore 9 Creative QR Code Examples

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Explore 9 Creative QR Code Examples

In this article we’re going to look at some QR code examples and how you can use them in your marketing. But first, let’s take a look at what exactly is a QR code?

What is a QR code?

QR stands for Quick Response, and a QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that stores a variety of information, from simple text to website URLs, contact information, or even Wi-Fi passwords. These codes are designed to be scanned quickly, allowing users to access the embedded data with a smartphone or a QR code reader.

A 2020 survey found that 18.8 percent of consumers in both the U.S. and U.K. strongly agree that they had noticed an increase of QR code use since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic “shelter-in-place” orders began in March 2020.

You see them everywhere

While QR codes don’t mean much to the naked eye, they can be read and understood by mobile devices. You’ll see them used on billboards, magazines and various other marketing materials.

They offer the opportunity to provide more information about a product, service or company quickly on a user’s device. The key appeal here is: instant and easy information delivery.

In fact, DailyStory offers the ability to create and customize QR codes in a number of ways that can be trackable.

But why should businesses invest in QR codes?

Instant Access to Information

QR codes act as instant gateways to information. By scanning a QR code, customers can access product details, promotional offers, event schedules, and much more within seconds. This immediate access not only enhances customer experience but also provides businesses with a powerful tool to deliver real-time information to their audience.

Streamlining Customer Interaction

QR codes simplify the customer journey. Businesses can embed QR codes in their marketing materials, allowing customers to effortlessly visit their websites, social media pages, or contact information. This seamless interaction fosters engagement and encourages potential leads to explore products or services further.

Creating Interactive Marketing Campaigns

QR codes breathe life into marketing campaigns. By integrating QR codes into print and digital advertisements, businesses can create interactive experiences. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt, a virtual tour, or exclusive content access, QR codes add an element of excitement, making marketing campaigns memorable and engaging.

How QR codes are used in marketing

Let’s take a look at how QR codes are used in marketing.

Instant Access to Information

QR codes offer users immediate access to information by simply scanning the code with their smartphones. For businesses, this means providing customers with instant access to product details, pricing, reviews, and multimedia content. Imagine a customer at a grocery store scanning a QR code on a product label and instantly viewing its nutritional information, origin, and recipe ideas. This seamless access to data not only empowers consumers but also builds trust and loyalty.

Seamless User Engagement:

QR codes bridge the gap between offline and online marketing. They enable potential customers to swiftly access your online content by scanning a code on printed materials, products, or even billboards. With DailyStory, you can generate dynamic QR codes that link to specific landing pages, promotions, or product details, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience.

Enhanced Tracking and Analytics

DailyStory’s integration of QR codes offers a unique advantage – detailed tracking and analytics. Monitor the number of scans, the geographical location of users, and the devices used for scanning. This invaluable data empowers you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and make data-driven decisions for future strategies.

Streamlining Customer Interaction

Incorporating QR codes into marketing materials, packaging, or signage simplifies customer interactions significantly. Customers can scan a QR code to visit a website, join a loyalty program, or receive exclusive discounts. Restaurants can utilize QR codes for contactless menu access, enabling customers to browse offerings on their own devices. This self-service approach enhances customer satisfaction, reduces wait times, and fosters a sense of control over their experience.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

QR codes serve as gateways to personalized experiences. By incorporating QR codes into marketing materials, businesses can direct customers to personalized landing pages, tailored product recommendations, or exclusive offers based on their preferences and past interactions. For instance, an online clothing store can use QR codes to lead customers to personalized catalogs based on their previous purchases or browsing history. This personal touch not only enhances customer engagement but also increases the likelihood of conversions, fostering a stronger sense of brand loyalty.

Creating Interactive Marketing Campaigns

QR codes breathe life into marketing campaigns by transforming them into interactive experiences. Businesses can create engaging scavenger hunts, interactive virtual tours, or exclusive behind-the-scenes content accessible only through QR code scans. For event organizers, QR codes facilitate event check-ins and provide attendees with event schedules, speaker profiles, and venue maps. Such interactive campaigns not only capture attention but also encourage active participation, making marketing efforts memorable and effective.

Contactless Experiences

Especially in the wake of global health concerns, contactless interactions have become the norm. QR codes enable businesses to provide contactless menus, event registrations, and payment options. DailyStory’s QR code capabilities empower you to create touch-free experiences, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your customers.

QR code examples you can use today

Are QR codes right for your business and overall digital marketing strategy? The following are nine ways you can use them so that you can decide for yourself.

Direct to a landing page or website

This is the most commonly thought-of purpose and use of QR codes. And it makes sense. Scanning a QR code can send a user to any relevant sign-up page or other landing page or website.

This can be much easier than asking consumers to type in your URL (no matter how short or simple it might be).

Just make sure that you use a unique URL for your QR code in order to effectively track the traffic generated by it.

Find out more about tracking links.

Download apps

Another common use of QR codes is for downloading an app. You can link it to the download page of the app to make it easy for users. Of course, keep in mind that you’ll likely have to consider separate QR codes for Apple and Android devices.

Apps themselves also use them to encourage engagement within their communities. Think Snapchat, which has unique QR codes to make it easy for users to add other people as connections. Another app, Spotify, launched them to easily share songs.

Make it easy to shop and save

Businesses often use QR codes for discounts and promos to entice potential customers. These discounts and promotions can be anything that makes sense for your business.

If using this method, be sure to monitor and tweak your promotion accordingly if it doesn’t seem to be as effective as you’d like.

Call your business phone number

It can be helpful to have your QR code link to a “contact us” landing page, but even better, consider having it call your business phone number directly.

It’s just a matter of the right HTML (“tel:” followed by the phone number) to trigger the option to call your business from the user’s phone.

This can be helpful in business conferences or other booth event scenarios.

Send the user a message

Thanks to HTML coding, it’s possible to have a message sent to the user’s device after he or she scans your QR code.

This can be particularly beneficial for SMS text marketing in which you can use for SMS registration opt-ins, by-request product upgrades, user support or even sales.

Send the user an email

QR codes also can be used to send emails to a user. Because emails have more flexibility than SMS text messages, you might find this option a better fit.

What’s contained in that email is up to you. It can feature your latest product release or a new service you’re offering, for example.

Share your location address

QR codes can give users not only your location address but directions as well. This can make it instant and easy for consumers to navigate to you. If you have an event coming up at your business, this can help people find it.

Promote your social media

Make it easy for consumers who like your products and/or services to follow you on social media. Doing so can help them stay connected with your brand.

This can work for any social media page you want to promote.

Especially with Tiktok increasing in popularity, marketing your product via TikTok QR codes through offline channels can bring in more young audiences to your social media page.

Encourage reviews

Looking for more positive reviews? About 90 percent of consumers read a review before visiting a business.

You can display a QR code in your business to encourage your customers to review your on the spot. It can also be placed on a receipt or product that you’re selling.

Why Choose DailyStory for QR Code Marketing Automation

DailyStory stands at the forefront of innovative marketing automation. By seamlessly integrating QR codes into its platform, it empowers businesses to create dynamic, personalized, and highly engaging marketing campaigns. With DailyStory, you can:

  • Generate unlimited dynamic QR codes for various marketing purposes.
  • Customize landing pages and content linked to QR codes without any coding knowledge.
  • Access real-time analytics to measure the effectiveness of your QR code campaigns.
  • Implement personalized QR code strategies to enhance user experience and boost conversions.

In conclusion

QR codes are not just black and white patterns; they are the gateway to a world of enhanced marketing opportunities.

When coupled with the prowess of DailyStory’s marketing automation platform, they become powerful tools to elevate your brand, engage your audience, and drive unparalleled marketing success. Embrace the future of marketing with DailyStory and QR codes, and watch your business flourish in the digital landscape.

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