Send text messages to Mindbody clients

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Send text messages to Mindbody clients

To send text messages through Mindbody, you need the Mindbody Marketing Suite add-on. An alternative option is DailyStory, which is cost-effective and packed with features. It seamlessly integrates with Mindbody and offers more powerful text messaging functions.

How simple? You can send your first text message for free in a matter of minutes.

Let’s see how.

Sending your first text message

To begin sending text messages to your Mindbody customers, follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a free DailyStory account.
  2. Activate the built-in Mindbody integration.
  3. Select your preferred text message sending number.
  4. Create a campaign.
  5. Create a text message.
  6. Schedule the text message.

Sending your first text message from Mindbody to your existing contacts in Mindbody is easy. But there is so many more benefits found in DailyStory.

Why use DailyStory for text messaging

DailyStory is a marketing automation platform that directly connects with Mindbody. It also lets you handle contacts not in your Mindbody system. This means you can market to current, potential, and past customers.

As a one of the first marketing platforms to offer multi-channel marketing, including text message marketing for Mindbody, DailyStory is a trusted partner for hundreds of Mindbody customers.

Manual text messaging is slow

Many gym and studio owners we work with find DailyStory because they are manually sending text messages from their own phone. And instead want to send text messages from Mindbody.

Sending SMS messages manually is time-consuming, reveals your personal number, and lacks proper opt-out handling. Although it might work for a small audience, it becomes complicated as your audience grows.

Automated SMS messaging is fast and reliable

DailyStory is a marketing automation platform. It’s purpose is to take common marketing activities, like text messaging, and automate them.

This includes:

  • Single text messages
  • Two-way conversational text messages
  • Scheduled text messages
  • Automated text messages
  • Audit, optin/optout and compliance

Let’s examine this a little more closely.

Single SMS messages

Sending a single text message through DailyStory is simply a matter of writing the text and picking the recipient. While you could still send the text manually through your own phone, sending it through your customer communication platform keeps all of your messages to them in one place.

Two-way conversational messages

Just like you would expect when texting with a friend from your phone, DailyStory can handle two-way conversational text messages. And this means either you are your staff can manage the conversations.

Scheduled text messages

Have an upcoming event, class or something else you want to promote? Schedule your text message to send days, weeks or even months in advance. Write your message when you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

Automated text messages

A new customer signed up, a customer has an upcoming appointment, a member missed a class, a client’s service terminated, a prospective customer signed up on  your website? All of these (and more) are scenarios that DailyStory handles through automation.

Automation can send text messages on your behalf and can even reply to text messages for you!

Audit, optin/optout and compliance

Text message marketing is more complex than email marketing. There are legal implications for not staying compliant. And, there are complexities such as 10DLC registration that DailyStory can help you navigate.

DailyStory is a multi-channel marketing solution

Mindbody is a strong tool for handling customer classes and events. While marketing to existing customers is important, you should also target potential ones: those who signed up on your website, tried a free event, or were past customers with lapsed memberships.

DailyStory provides everything you need to market to current, new, and potential customers, all within a simple and user-friendly platform. Plus you can get started for free.

Read more about how DailyStory is an alternative to Mindbody Marketing Suite.

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