Email and text message marketing for RhinoFit

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Email and text message marketing for RhinoFit

DailyStory is an automated digital marketing platform you can trust.

Whether sending newsletters, welcome campaigns, reminder messages, cart abandons, or virtually any other type of email or text message marketing, our features will help you grow sales and build loyalty among your customers.

DailyStory has partnered with RhinoFit and built a direct integration, so the two systems talk automatically and seamlessly. DailyStory syncs data from RhinoFit once per hour so that your information is always up to date without you having to manage it manually.

About 87 percent of marketers say data is their company’s most under-utilized asset, while about 40 percent of brands plan to increase their data-driven marketing budgets.

The value of data is clear. DailyStory helps you leverage your data to accomplish your marketing and overall business goals.

Marketing drives sales and conversions

Using your RhinoFit prospect and member data, you can create an unlimited number of contact lists (otherwise known as segments) to run beautiful and creative marketing that targets the consumers you’re looking to convert into paying customers. You can use information, such as:

  • Membership status, whether that’s active, suspended or terminated
  • Membership type, depending on the structure of your memberships
  • Products purchased for personalized messaging
  • Last visit, so you can gauge how active they are at your business
  • Status changed, related to membership
  • Geographical distance of your contact from your location
  • Date of birth, so you can target by age
  • City or region, so you can target by location
  • Gender, so you can target based on gender

These are just some of the information fields DailyStory offers to help personalize your segmentation and targeting of RhinoFit prospects and clients in your marketing efforts.

RhinoFit + DailyStory Overview Video

This video provides additional detail about the RhinoFit and DailyStory integration.

See how more about how the integration works.

Attract new leads, build loyalty and grow your business

Not only can you send email and text message campaigns that leverage your RhinoFit data through DailyStory, but you have a full suite of marketing tools to help grow your fitness business. This includes:

  • Automation, which can support drip campaigns, happy birthday offers, more complex campaigns involving integrations and more.
  • Popups that can help you acquire new customers by highlighting offers when customers enter or leave your website.
  • Web forms, which are used to collect leads for your offers.
  • Landing pages that stand alone and help convert leads into customers.
  • Reusable and trackable QR codes, which can be used for print or digital marketing.
  • Comprehensive keyword management that allows you to set up keywords for SMS campaign opt-ins.
  • And so much more!

RhinoFit and DailyStory serve you better together

We work with business owners, just like you, to make marketing easy! We’ll put the power of beautiful, automated digital marketing in your hands, so you can create sales, build loyalty and know how you did it. Find, sell, retain … repeat to grow your fitness business.

DailyStory includes everything you need to meet your customers wherever they are in their purchasing journey.

Get started with us today!

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