Technical topics related to how we're building DailyStory's software

Dealing with ROT13 Encoded URLs

DailyStory tracks link clicks in emails sent out in our customer’s email marketing campaigns. Recently we were auditing these click logs and noticed some weird URLs: uggc%3N//qnvylfgbel.pbz/srngherf%3Shgz_pnzcnvta%3Qebg13 After a bit of Googling we figured out that these were URLs that were first URL-encoded then run through … Continue reading “Dealing with ROT13 Encoded URLs”

Adding Support for Microsoft OWIN

DailyStory is built on Azure so it only made sense to add support for Microsoft AppSource – when you’re a startup you look for any opportunity you can find to help people find you! There was only one small problem though: a requirement to be listed on AppSource was … Continue reading “Adding Support for Microsoft OWIN”

Tips for Using Azure Web Jobs

When we first built Telligent’s Community Server, one of the concepts that we used early on were some techniques (ok hacks) that enabled us to do some work on a background thread. Work such as: sending emails, indexing content for search, updating pre-calculated table data and … Continue reading “Tips for Using Azure Web Jobs”

Engineering the DailyStory Application

We’re going to use this engineering sub-category of the DailyStory blog to share some details about the process that goes into building our platform. Like most software this has been a journey I had the benefit of working with some incredible engineering talent at Telligent. I … Continue reading “Engineering the DailyStory Application”

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