Branded and Custom URL Shorteners

DailyStory includes a powerful URL shortener you can use to track clicks from ads, Social Media, and more. It also has built in support for Google Analytics UTM codes and auto-generates a QR code for each shortened URL.

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DailyStory URL Shortener

Use DailyStory’s URL shortener to track where visitors come from. Or, use built-in QR code support to track where printed QR codes are scanned.

Shorten Long URLs

Publishing a long URL on Social Media with Google Analytics UTM codes and additional data is ugly and can scare away customers. Shortened URLs save precious character space and still allow all the great tracking features your marketing team needs.

Higher Engagement

DailyStory customers report a 29% higher engagement rate on branded and shortened URLs than long complex URLs published. Consumers are accustomed to shortened URLs and this promotes easier sharing of your content too.

DailyStory URL Shortener Features

DailyStory’s Link Shortener includes everything you need to manage your URLs. Below are some of the included capabilities.

Your own Branded URL

Bring your own domain and DailyStory will use it for all your shortened URLs. Customers are already familiar with your domain or brand and this leads to a higher click rate.

Track Clicks and Scans

Once your shortened URL is published (or your QR code) use DailyStory’s reports to track unique clicks of the URL or scans of the QR code. It’s an easy way to see how, where, and what is driving the traffic.

Full Google Analytics Support

With built-in tools for detecting, editing, and managing your Google Analytics UTM codes. DailyStory’s URL shortener will ensure that your link clicks and scans pass along the necessary UTM codes for Google Analytics management.

Send your Tracking Pixels

When a DailyStory Shortened URL is clicked any tracking pixels registered with DailyStory are also sent. These tracking pixels help you remarket and retarget audiences in Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn and more.

Native integration with Ad Platforms

Use your DailyStory shortened URL in Google Ads or Bing Ads with native integration for tracking templates. Tracking templates in your ad platform enables additional detail to be tracked, such as keywords, when clicked.

Password Protected URLs

Password protect your DailyStory Shortened URL to require a password prior to allowing the visitor to be redirected to your URL.

Life-cycle Management

Control the life-cycle of your DailyStory shortened URL or QR code by setting a maximum number of clicks or an expiration data for the redirect. Once reached or expired DailyStory can either prevent future redirects or redirect to an alternative URL.

Advanced HTTP Management

Additional advanced features provide control over the type of redirect (page or file) allows for automatic download for files. And, you can specify the HTTP headers for temporary or permanent redirects of the URL.

Engage in your Customer’s Journey

Find, sell, retain … repeat. DailyStory includes everything you need to meet your customers wherever they are in their journey.

Grow Your Marketing List

Web forms, QR Codes, Keywords and everything else you need to grow your marketing list.

Increase Your Sales

Automate abandon carts, shipping notifications, win-backs, onboarding and more.

Retain Your Customers

Drip retention campaigns, segment by last activity, send email and SMS marketing.

Measure Outcomes

See how your marketing campaign contribute to your revenue with conversion funnels.

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  • Experiments and multivariate testing
  • ROI and conversion tracking
  • Web Forms
  • Pre-built email templates
  • Pre-built automations
  • Import and export contacts
  • Reports and analytics
  • QR Codes
  • Tracking Links
  • Magic Forms
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