Track and Measure Visitor Awareness and Engagement

DailyStory helps you understand what your website visitors are doing on your website and more importantly where they came from. DailyStory tells you how often they’ve returned, which pages they’ve visited, and gives you the ability to easily add offers and tag them for remarketing through your other ad networks.

Smarter Search Engine Marketing

Visitors typically find your website through either organic search results or through search engine marketing. One of the challenges marketers and business owners face is understanding how effective their search engine marketing is.

See Keywords that Convert Customers

Using DailyStory’s search engine tracking links you can easily connect and identify a visitor with the search term that brought them into your website:

keyword summary

More importantly, you can follow that search term and visitor through your sales funnel to report on which search terms converted into customers and which ones didn’t.

For example, you may have a search keyword that is converting leads. But how many of those leads convert into customers?

DailyStory not only provides the lead keyword conversion rate but also helps you see the customer keyword conversion rate.

Target Visitors with Remarketing

Have you ever been to a website and seen an ad from another website you recently visited? That’s remarketing. It’s a great way to re-enforce your marketing message.

How Remarketing Works

Remarketing is a feature offered by Google and Facebook, along with some proprietary digital advertising solutions. First and foremost you need to run ads on the platform whose remarketing pixel you intend to use.

The ad networks provide you with a retargeting pixel – typically a small bit of javascript you add to your page – that sends information to the ad network about your visitors and the ads you want to be associated with that visitor.

Later when the now identified visitor goes to another website in the ad network, the ad provider will select one of your ads to show them.

Remarketing is highly effective because it reinforces a message or advertisement even when the prospective customer isn’t on your website.

Remarketing with DailyStory

DailyStory provides another option for remarketing that doesn’t require a customer to visit your website.

It works especially well with social media campaigns, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter where you are sharing articles or content with an audience.

Simply add your remarketing pixels from your ad networks into DailyStory and then create new outbound links.

Outbound links are a special feature of DailyStory. These are links that redirect visitors to the content you want to share.

When the link is clicked the visitor is briefly redirected to an intermediate page that sends along your remarketing pixels before sending them on to the page or content you are promoting. All transparent to the end user.

Go ahead give it a try. This link goes to the @DailyStoryDM Twitter account but writes DailyStory’s Facebook and Google retargeting pixels first (BTW, you’ve already received our retargeting pixels since you are on this page).

How is this useful? Imagine a scenario where you are a retail business and part of your social media campaigns include sharing links to other blogs or websites related to your products.

Using DailyStory’s remarketing you can target potential customer without them ever visiting your website – building an audience through other people’s content!

Start Real-time Conversations


Forecast Visitor Behavior

DailyStory starts tracking visitors the moment they arrive at your website. This tracking includes pages they visited and the number of times they returned. Very similar to website tracking tools such as Google Analytics.

However, most of this tracking data is discarded after 60-90 days. DailyStory only retains visitor information on visitors that convert into leads:

Report on Customer Activity

Unlike website tracking tools DailyStory reports exclusively on converted visitor behavior. Rather than analyzing all your website traffic, DailyStory focuses on the patterns created by people that convert into leads.


And because DailyStory tracks all visitor data it can then identify the actions visitors took prior to converting. Using these insights DailyStory can then forecast and predict future conversion rates based on current visitor activity.

Website Activity

Over time this enables you to craft a website experience that better matches with the visitor-to-lead conversion process.