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Welcome and Exit Popup Offers

Highlight offers when customers enter or leave your website

Your website visitors are finding your website through organic search results or paid search results. However you typically only have a few minutes to entice that visitor into taking an action. With popup offers, also called a Welcome Mat and Exit Intent, you quickly grab your visitor’s attention and promote a call to action. Popup offers have a surprisingly high conversion rate and can decrease your bounce rates. DailyStory Popup Offer feature enables you to quickly begin using popups on your website to convert more customers.

Showing a Welcome Mat or Exit Intent

A popup offer is presented as a window that overlays the current web page: Example Popup Offer The popup does not prevent entering a new website address or pressing the back button in the web browser. It does create an opportunity to create a compelling call to action requiring the visitor’s full attention.

Example Popup Offers

Below are several examples of how you can use popup offers. You can find more examples here.

Shopping cart abandonment offers

When a visitor is exiting your website and abandoning their shopping cart, offer them a discount to continue with the purchase. This is typically accomplished with an Exit Intent but a Welcome Mat can be used when the visitor returns to remind them of the items in their cart.

Coupon and Welcome offers

When a visitor arrives at your website offer them a coupon they can use later. This is typically accomplished with a Welcome Mat.

Newsletter Sign up offers

When a visitor is exiting your website you can promote your newsletter to capture their email address. This can be accomplished with either a Welcome Mat or an Exit Intent.

Related Content Offers

When a visitor is exiting your website from a product or service page, offer an alternative product or service that may be a better fit for them. This is typically accomplished with an Exit Intent.

Popup Survey requests

When a visitor is exiting your website promote a survey where you ask about their satisfaction with their experience. This is typically accomplished with an Exit Intent.

Creating your First Popup is Easy

Creating a popup offer with DailyStory is very simple. To start with you can use the default layout and simply focus on the type of offer and the content. DailyStory takes care of everything else. Create Welcome or Exit Popup offer DailyStory popups are integrated with DailyStory campaigns and workflows. When a popup offer is completed, such as signing up for a newsletter, DailyStory’s workflow can automate sending a thank you email and then add that email address to your newsletter list, create a new lead in Salesforce, or push an update to Slack. You can also download/export to Microsoft Excel.

Personalized Popup Layouts

While the default popup layout is simple, we recognize the customers want to create popups that reflect their website’s design. DailyStory popups can be fully customized including using your own HTML and CSS. To start with you can use DailyStory’s popup layout editor to configure popup size, border, padding, colors and how the content in the popup should be laid out. For example, to create a 500 wide by 320px tall popup with a 10-pixel green border you simply go to the layout tab and configure the popup with those settings. Configure offer layout The popup designer will also reflect any of these changes. And you can also use the Test My Popup button to test your popup immediately.

Choose how your popup will be shown

Every popup is configured to show when a visitor is exiting your website. You can change how and when DailyStory shows your popup. For example, the Display Timings option give you the flexibility to control if the popup is shown immediately when someone visits the site or to wait a specific amount of time before the popup is shown. Popup Offer Display timings Combined with Display Timings other settings enable more control. For example: And, you can set even more options using the JavaScript Popup API.

Create Multiple Popups for the Same Website

You will want to create different popups to use for different scenarios. For example, you may have one popup used on the home page as a Welcome Mat with an Exit Intent configured to show when people are leaving your website with a newsletter subscription offer. This is all accomplished using Display Rules.

Control Where Your Popup is Shown

Using the Display Rules you can configure where your popup is shown on your website. You can specify exact URLs where the popup should be shown or use an * to specify everything. For example, to show a popup only on blog pages we would enter: /blog/* Popup Rules
Another more advanced option is to use regular expressions to control specific pages that should be shown.
Popups can be configured to run on all pages in your website, but this typically isn’t something that is recommended.

Reporting on Popup Offers

Use DailyStory’s Popup Offer Conversion Report to see how visitors interact with your popups and who has converted: Popup Offer Reports Converted leads are shown in a table below the report: Popup Offer Report Table Popup offers are a powerful tool for interacting with visitors on your website. Whether it is an offer when the visitor first arrives or a last chance offer when they are leaving, DailyStory popup offers will help you convert more visitors into customers. Popup offers are just part of the DailyStory customer engagement platform.

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