Connect Flowhub with DailyStory

Use your Flowhub data to market and sell to your customers with DailyStory

Send new customer welcome campaigns, recover abandoned carts, request Google My Business reviews and more using automated email and text messaging. And, your customer data from Flowhub powers everything!

Flowhub integration with DailyStory syncs your Flowhub customer data into DailyStory, allows for automations such as cart abandons.

Track Revenue & ROI

The goal of marketing is to increase sales. DailyStory enables you to see exactly which campaigns and marketing are delivering sales.

  • A/B test email, SMS messages, and push notifications
  • Get detailed conversion reporting
  • Insightful reports for email and SMS marketing
  • Build ever-green campaigns

Boost your sales with SMS marketing

With high open rate, SMS marketing isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have. DailyStory SMS marketing includes:

  • Personalized MMS and SMS messages
  • Unlimited keywords with automated responses
  • Automated responses flows based on customer behavior
  • Automatic link tracking and shortening
  • Supports double opt-in compliance management
  • TCPA compliant opt-in/opt-out management with auditing
  • Detailed reporting

Build your brand with Email marketing

Email marketing is a key way to reach your customers. DailyStory email marketing includes:

  • Personalized emails have a higher open rate
  • Drag-and-drop email designer with templates
  • Support text, HTML, and AMP emails
  • Embed rich videos and images
  • Track opens and clicks using heatmaps
  • Detailed reporting around customer engagement

Automate it and forget it

Scale your marketing and customer communication using automation. Drag-and-drop to build any automation flow you can think of. Including:

  • Welcome series
  • Automatically respond to text messages
  • Follow up on new purchases
  • Send shipping notifications
  • Request Google My Business reviews
  • Send abandoned cart offers
  • Double opt-in email or SMS recipients
  • Promote loyalty offers

Advanced customer segmentation

Customer data from Flowhub, along with other data sources, is continuously to automatically update segments. Including:

  • Segments that automatically update as customer data changes
  • Ability to add data from other sources for segmentation
  • Segment based on geography, past behavior, level of engagement and more

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