Connect Weave with DailyStory

Connect Weave with DailyStory

Use your Weave point of sale data to market and sell to your customers with DailyStory

Send new customer welcome campaigns, recover abandoned carts, request Google My Business reviews and more using automated email and text messaging. And, your customer data from Weave powers everything!

Automated campaigns that work for you

Your Weave customer data automatically comes into DailyStory. Create powerful customer segments based on purchasing behavior, rewards levels and more. Use segments to target potential customers with upsell and cross-sell offers, discounts and coupons.

Reach new customers and grow sales

Capture customers at key moments using popups and other engagement tools. Send beautiful emails and text messages that motivate customers to come back to your store. Metrics and insights help you see how campaigns are performing.

Track conversions for each campaign

Measure how much revenue each campaign is generating. Run A/B tests to compare how different emails or text messages perform. Automatically follow-up with potential customers based on buying behavior. .

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