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Upcoming Webinars

Automating your Cannabis and CBD Marketing (30 min)
Automation is a great way to scale your Cannabis and CBD marketing – instead of someone clicking send on every text message or email, a simple automation is used to do this for you. You can automation: new customer welcomes, happy birthday, loyalty milestones and much more.
Using Pop-ups on your website (30 min)
Using popups on your website to capture visitors as they enter or leave can be surprisingly effective. In this webinar we’ll talk through strategies for how to use popups to collect information from visitors.
Advanced Email Marketing: What are AMP emails? (30 min)
What if you could make your email more interactive? Such as including a form in your email that can be submitted from the inbox? That’s the power of AMP emails. While only supported for a small number of email clients, it’s supported by Gmail already.

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