Text Message and Email Marketing Automation for WordPress

Our WordPress Plugin Makes Integration Effortless

WordPress Integration

Easily create leads in Salesforce from WordPress

Leads generated from your WordPress website forms and landing pages are automatically sent to Salesforce.

  • Qualify and score leads with no coding required
  • Track revenue to originating campaign, including paid search
  • No expensive or complicated custom Salesforce integration

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Hi, We’re DailyStory

We’re on a mission to help small-to-medium businesses grow by converting your website visitors into customers.
DailyStory Lead Summary Report

And We Can Do A Lot More

Marketing automation to help understand your customer

Understand Lead Behavior

Understand what visitors did before becoming leads and then track them all the way through your sales process.

Marketing automation that you can measure

Measure Campaign Performance

Attribute revenue to the campaign that generated the original lead. Invest more in what works and less in what doesn’t.

Forecast trends

Forecast Campaign Trends

Forecast trends in campaigns to know how much of next quarter’s pipeline is on your website.

Build decision-based workflow

Automate Common Processes

Use workflow to automate common processes and eliminate manual steps and human error.

Score leads

Score Inbound Leads

Score inbound leads based on criteria, such as title, country or pages visited.

Built for people

Built For People

“Easy to use” is our top priority. An engineering degree is not required!

All Starting At $99/mo

WordPress + DailyStory Is Easy And User-Friendly

Our WordPress plugin makes it simple to add DailyStory’s marketing automation capabilities to WordPress. It takes about 5 minutes to install the plug-in. Once enabled you can also use our WordPress shortcodes to enable exit intent and web forms.

The video below provides an overview of the WordPress integration

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