DailyStory + Zapier make Campaign Attribution easy to automate

Zapier is a powerful automation platform that makes it simple to connect and automation web applications.

DailyStory’s Zapier integration give you Triggers and Automations you can easily connect different applications together.

DailyStory’s Campaign Attribution Platform enables you to know which campaigns converted customers. And our Zapier integration enables you to quickly and easily integrate DailyStory with your other sales and marketing applications.

DailyStory and Zapier

DailyStory includes native integration with WordPress, Salesforce, and other applications. DailyStory also includes a full REST API for building your own custom integrations. And, with our support for Zapier, you can you connect DailyStory with thousands of other applications using Zapier’s Triggers and Actions.

  • A Zapier Trigger listens for events that occur in your applications. For example, you can create a Zapier Trigger for Gmail that looks for certain emails.
  • A Zapier Action defines an action to be taken in your applications. For example, creating a new lead in DailyStory.

A Trigger combined with one or more Actions is called a “Zap”.

DailyStory’s Zapier support includes both Triggers and Actions specific to DailyStory.

DailyStory Triggers

DailyStory provides Zapier Triggers for new leads created in DailyStory, when leads visit specific pages in your website and when emails sent by DailyStory are opened.

DailyStory Actions

DailyStory provides Zapier Actions for sending emails through DailyStory, creating or updating contacts, and creating or updating leads.

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We’re constantly adding support for our Zapier integration. So be sure and check back soon!

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