Anonymous Visitor Identification

Identify and track anonymous website visitors
Know who is visiting your website with anonymous visitor identification.

Anonymous Visitor Identification and Tracking

If you run a business, you want to know who is visiting your website and how often they have returned. Google Analytics tells part of the story, but wouldn’t you rather know more? With DailyStory’s Anonymous Visitor Identification feature, Lead Periscope, you can identify your website visitors by business and organization: Use anonymous visitor identification to see who is visiting your website. Lead Periscope, part of the DailyStory Marketing Automation Platform, identifies anonymous visitors and tells you which businesses are visiting, how often they visit, how long they viewed your pages, and more. Another complimentary feature, Lead Prospector, can help identify the right people to talk to at those businesses.

The value of Anonymous Visitor Identification

How many sales have slipped away because your team did not have the tools to identify anonymous website visitors that showed real interest in your product but didn’t convert? You can see their page views in Google Analytics and know they read your product pages, pricing information or other content that interest them. But why they didn’t convert?

Only 3% of Website Visitors Convert

Ideally, all anonymous visitors identify themselves and convert into your sales funnel. But the reality is 97% of website visitors remain anonymous. And those anonymous website visitors may leave your website without converting. And worse: may never return. If you wait for anonymous visitors to identify themselves before you start tracking their actions or engaging sales and marketing, you may find yourself constantly trying to catch-up with your competitors. DailyStory’s anonymous visitor tracking feature, Lead Periscope, validates the effectiveness of digital campaigns to attract prospective customers, focuses inside sales teams on the accounts most likely to convert, and identifies current accounts that are prospects for account-based marketing.

Benefits of Anonymous Visitor Identification

Below are 5 of the most common benefits of anonymous visitor identification:

1. Target Your Marketing

How effective is your digital marketing? Are your paid and organic digital marketing investments reaching the right audience? Anonymous visitor tracking can’t identify all visitors. But it can identify enough of your audience to determine if you are reaching the customers you want. And, once you know  which companies visit and which campaigns attracted them, you will know which marketing efforts are working. DailyStory Lead Periscope identifies the company, industry, and social channels of anonymous visitors.

2. Know when the Customer is Ready

Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk to customers when they are evaluating your product or services? With visitor tracking, content personalization and remarketing – you can! When an anonymous visitor visits your website, you can see the content they viewed as well as how often they returned. But since 97% of visitors remain anonymous you don’t have an opportunity to contact them directly. DailyStory Lead Periscope is just one part of the DailyStory Marketing Automation Platform. Using the platform, you can remarket to prospective visitors through Google and Facebook ads. Plus, with Lead Prospector you can identify the email address of the people you want to reach. Add those emails to a DailyStory campaign and automate communication.

3. Nurture Warm Leads

Marketing is an investment to create new business. But even when you convert a visitor into a lead, it may still take weeks or months to close new business. How many of your leads have gone cold, never to be heard from again? Even though you have identified a lead, the business may spend days, weeks or months reviewing content on your website as they go through the evaluation process. Without anonymous visitor identification and visitor tracking you have no idea when those visitors return. When an anonymous visitor converts to an identifiable lead, DailyStory associates all previous visit information to the newly identified person. Later when that lead or business returns to your website DailyStory can automate a series of actions including: notifications that a known lead has returned, automated email and more.

4. Equip Outbound Sales Teams

Outbound sales is difficult. You send email and make phone calls with the hope of getting a conversation started. Many times the customers you contact will visit your website to determine if your product is a fit, but they may not contact you back. Without DailyStory’s Anonymous Visitor Identification and Visitor Tracking, these customers may have visited your website and you would never had known. Missing an opportunity for your outbound sales team to better identify which prospects are worth following up with.

5. Account-based marketing

Anonymous Visitor Identification doesn’t only help identify new customers. If your sales team is working with a prospective account, Lead Periscope will identify when the account is returning to your website. From the DailyStory Account-Based Marketing report you can then see the activity across the account for both identified and anonymous visitors. It’s very common for buyers to engage various part of their organization, such as procurement or other leaders in the business, to assist in the purchasing decision. This Account-based marketing view helps sales leaders and customer experience managers identify the accounts that may be ready to convert. Or, accounts that may need some more attention.

What Anonymous Visitor Identification can’t do

As much as we love helping our customers identify anonymous website visitors with Lead Periscope, it does have some limitations.

How Lead Periscope Works

Lead Periscope, DailyStory’s anonymous visitor identification feature, works by identifying visitors through a combination of IP address, browser information and location. We exclusively track visitors from North America, the United Kingdom and Western Europe. We utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and plain old human intelligence (HI) to eliminate visitors that cannot be correlated to a business, such as those that use a VPN, a mobile phone network or their personal ISP.

Our Unique Value Proposition for Visitor Identification

DailyStory’s unique value for anonymous visitor identification is the integration with DailyStory’s other marketing automation features. Unlike other website visitor identification solutions, DailyStory offers a fully integrated platform with email marketing, lead scoring, automation, workflow and more.

Benefits of anonymous visitor identification

In summary, here are some of the benefits of anonymous visitor identification:

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