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94% of business buyers do some form of online research and 84.3% start their research on the businesses website. For B2B businesses this means tomorrow’s sales pipeline is on your website today. And you should proactively follow up with them every opportunity you have. But how do you proactively follow up with these customers at the right moment? DailyStory solves this problem through Lead Visit Alerts. Leads Visit Alerts enable you to take actions and stay informed when leads or customers visit specific pages on your website. Using Lead Visit Alerts you can send email offers for related products, send alerts to notify team members when a lead is on your website, and use web hooks to push notifications to other systems. This means that when one of your leads comes back to your site you can take action immediately and follow up with those great leads while they’re active on your site.

Using DailyStory Lead Visit Alerts

Using Lead Visit Alerts is simple. First, you need the URL of the page you want to set an alert up for. Next, set the actions to take when this page is visited: send the lead/customer an email, notify a team member, or call a webhook.
Lead Visit Alerts can also be configured for all pages in your website using an astericks or all pages in a particular path, such as /blog/*.
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Team Member Notification Emails

A team member notification email is sent when a lead has visited a page on your website. This notification email contains links back to the lead and campaign in DailyStory and provides information about the page visited. Page Alert Email Sending alert notifications to team members is perfect for B2B sales teams that are involved in long sales cycles. It provides direct feedback when a potential customer is active. The sales person can quickly follow up with an email, phone call or visit.

Sending Personalized Customer Follow-up Emails

In addition to sending team member notification emails, Lead Visit Alerts are also used to send personalized customer follow-up emails. Personalized customer follow-up emails are a great way to keep a customer engaged in the sales process. Using Lead Visits Alerts those email follow-ups can be sent when the customer is active on your website and thinking about your product or service. Automating a customer follow-up without requiring your team to do anything.
Lead Visit Alerts are setup per-campaign in DailyStory – the customer follow-up email must be part of the campaign.
A personalized email is sent by DailyStory to each recipient on your behalf. For example, you can send a follow-up email with a list of related products after a customer visited a specific page.

Lead Visit Alert Conditions

Lead Visit Alerts are configured to fire either each time a customer visits or on a specific visit. For example, an alert can be setup such that a customer follow-up email is sent on the customer’s 2nd and 7th visit to a particular page. This level of control is useful because multiple visits can indicate either interest or indecision and timely communication can help that customer take the next step in the buying process.

Timing of the Follow-up Email

Follow up emails can be sent immediately or up to two hours later. Delaying when the customer receives the follow-up email is a useful follow-up technique to ensure you stay top-of-mind.

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