10 of the most profitable blog niches

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10 of the most profitable blog niches

Creating a blog not only supports your content marketing efforts. It can help you make money, too.

But to nail your profitable blog niche isn’t easy. Blogs are very popular. About 70 million posts are published each month just by WordPress users. In order to succeed, you must stand out.

Fortunately, you have numerous profitable blog niches to explore so that you can find the topic that best suits your expertise, your brand and (truly) your passion. That way, you’re crossing what makes sense for you with what can make you money.

The following (in no particular order) are 10 of the most profitable blog niches to consider before you even begin to plan your first post.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing’s importance for small businesses is only increasing. But at the same time, it can be an overwhelming topic for many business owners.

The topic of digital marketing covers a range of online strategies that market one’s business to its intended target audience. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • SMS text message marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Online branding
  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Content marketing

Successful digital marketing efforts can lead to increased conversions and sales for businesses. So, whether you’re social media savvy in general or have a degree and many years of experience in the digital marketing field, an increasing number of businesses are seeking understanding and tips from people just like you.

Of course, you can narrow down your focus to a more specific segment of digital marketing and really leverage your blog as a valuable resource that internet users will want to return to and even subscribe to for the latest updates. Affiliate marketing could be a great way to generate an income through this topic. But the simplest approach is selling digital advertising space on your your blog website.


Search engines are constantly being used by people trying to figure out how to do a project themselves. Are you an avid DIYer? Maybe you have life hacks when it comes to one-off repairs in older homes. Or, you’re a contractor who rebuilt your entire home from the ground up. The sky’s the limit.

Clearly, this is one type of profitable blog niches that cries out for tutorials and how-to articles. But YouTube can be a great pairing with your blog here as well. 

Build a big enough audience on YouTube, and you could be paid directly for your content.

Health and fitness

The total market size of the global fitness club industry alone is more than $87 billion. And the COVID-19 pandemic has only underscored the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Of course, the overall topic of health and fitness is about as diverse as you can imagine. Whether you’re a health professional leveraging your expertise about macronutrient nutrition (for example) or an amatear transparently sharing your personal fitness journey (and everything in between), you have the opportunity to connect with others through your blog.

As far as making money, one way in the health and fitness industry to do so would also be affiliate marketing, but you also could offer an online-only health program or sell a subscription to your video content (whether they’re workouts or cooking tutorials, and so on).

Check out our four tips to become a fitness affiliate marketer, as well as 18 of the best fitness affiliate programs to boost your income.

Recipes and food

Not necessarily tied to the health and fitness industry since food can definitely be “not healthy” but just as engaging, recipes and food in general is big business online.

Food itself is an evergreen topic, good anytime for a long time. This makes it particularly profitable as a blog niche.

Whether you specialize in quick-and-easy weeknight meal recipes or anything and everything with cheese in it, determine where you can specialize since this niche is so saturated. You’ll also want to include plenty of eye-catching visuals. Consider pairing your blog with an Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook presence.

To drive income through the food and recipe blog niche, you could partner with brands to create recipes using their products, sell a printable cookbook and more.


The audience for parenting advice is so large that if you’re a parent, this is one type of profitable blog niches worth considering. Think mommy bloggers.

But beyond just being a parent, what specifically can you focus on? Maybe it’s a stage of parenting (like raising toddlers), a type of parent (like older parents) or even your status (single father). You’ll want to outline your blog’s brand so that you can stay on topic to help build your audience. 

Of course, to make money, product partnerships, sponsored ads and more can all help turn a profit.

Personal finance and investing

Who doesn’t want money advice? People always are looking for ways to more effectively manage their money and improve their investing outcomes. Google searches about financial planning are only increasing.

Personal finance blogging is a great opportunity. If you’re a financial advisor, you can offer a wealth of tips to be more money wise. You also could be an avid couponer who has tips to share on how to save the most money when shopping.

Whatever your angle, the best way to make this niche profitable is to think through what you can offer that will help readers make more money in the long run. That could be an online course or paid webinars.


Fashion is an immensely popular and diverse blog niche. Whether you’re a designer, love modeling new looks, intensely follow the industry and its news, or something else entirely, fashion blogging could be for you.

Just like food, visuals are key, and a pairing with Instagram or another visual social media platform would be helpful.

To make money, you could leverage Instagram Shop to directly sell your products, sell advertising space on your website or explore affiliate marketing.

Technology and gaming

It makes sense to use the online medium of blogging to connect with others who are interested in technology or gaming. In 2020, the gaming industry alone generated about $155 billion in revenue.

You could share in-depth product (hardware or software) reviews, post tutorials to help people use a specific piece of software or even break industry news if you’re an insider.

To make money, there is a great opportunity to use affiliate links to products or software that you’re writing about.


If you’re dream retirement is to live the life of a travel blogger, we don’t blame you. But you also don’t have to wait. Travel is a very popular and one of the most profitable blog niches if done right.

Many begin by blogging about their own travels, but you’ll want to focus your content a little bit more than that. Remember, you want to stand out. Maybe you’re a particular type of traveler (like a family or a solo female). Perhaps you’re focusing on a particular area or continent. Whatever it is, you want to have a theme or brand that’s clear to your readers. Having this makes it easier to monetize your content.

Profit can be driven through affiliate links to hotels or other travel accommodations and products.


A popular trend in recent years is self-care. About 73 percent of Americans were more conscious of needing self-care in 2020 (with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic), while about 69 percent planned to do more self-care in 2021 than they did in the previous year.

But self-care is as popular as it is diverse. From stress management to journaling, a trained psychologist, wellness coach or counselor can really add to the self-care conversation.

To make money within the self-care blog niche, consider promoting products in paid partnerships that can help your audience achieve their goals, offering life-coaching sessions, developing a podcast where you can sell ad space with a big enough audience or even directly selling your own digital products, such as a robust journal template. 

In conclusion

When creating your blog and choosing a profitable blog niche that works for you, remember that you have something to contribute to the already existing and ongoing conversation. Make sure you identify what helps you stand out and leverage that every chance you get in order to connect with your own target audience.

Of course, many of the methods mentioned to drive an income from your blogging efforts are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many ways bloggers are profiting from their content. But either way, profit depends on growing and maintaining a significant amount of website traffic and engagement. 

Check out our 19 tips to drive traffic to your new blog.

As you gain traction with your new blog, consider optimizing your digital marketing process, such as automation, audience segmentation and enhanced email marketing capabilities, to name a few. DailyStory can help. Schedule your free demo with us today.

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