6 best things to sell to start a business in 2024 

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6 best things to sell to start a business in 2024 

Building a store for a new business takes more effort and planning than developing an ordinary website. An ecommerce platform should have a frictionless shopping cart, a custom domain name, a seamless checkout flow, an intuitive user interface (UI), search engine optimization, and an appealing website design.

Those interested in starting a business online have many website builders to choose from. Regardless of which one you choose for yours, you’ll get the store up and running by following similar steps and strategies. 

Creating a website to sell products is only one step in the process of launching a successful ecommerce platform, and it’s not the first step. That would be deciding what to sell in 2024, the year in which people just don’t know what to expect anymore. 

This article presents some products that are proven to be popular with buyers. Trends come and go, but these picks have and will stand the test of time.   

Coats and jackets

A growing interest in spending time outdoors, evolving fashion, and seasonal changes are driving demand for coats and jackets in ecommerce. Experts predict the outdoor apparel market will be worth more than $45 billion in three years. This product category is set for an exciting journey regardless of the season. 

Tips on selling coats and jackets

You can opt to sell high-end hiking clothes or more affordable gear. Dropshipping these clothing items can work as a low-cost business idea if you find someone to deliver your quality products quickly and responsibly. Here are some tips: 

  • Follow retail trends to offer functional and stylish outwear
  • Experiment with different fabrics
  • Ensure that your clothing accommodates a variety of sizes from XS to 5XL 
  • Focus on creating gender-specified coats and jackets instead of selling unisex products

Arts and crafts

Crafts and art materials spiked in popularity during the pandemic, and they never really lost their upswing. Activities like crocheting kits, pottery clay, and paint-by-numbers kits are trending again. 

Tips on selling arts and crafts

Crafts are not only popular but also a fulfilling and sustainable activity. Many people make their own items to avoid fast fashion’s environmental impact and are only looking to buy materials to make kits.

  • Make the products personal by sharing your own story and creating an emotional connection with your customers
  • Use high-quality images and videos on social media to garner attention
  • Crate personalized thank you notes and communicate with your customers through social media to build a strong bond


The fragrance market is undergoing changes. Buyers are moving away from gendered, mass-market fragrances and toward personalized, androgynous, premium, and natural scents. 

Tips on selling fragrances

When people search for fragrances, they often enter brand and product names. Search engine optimization is critical in this sector. Have a blog page on your website and fill it with helpful, descriptive content consumers can find in search results.

If you’re an expert, you can put a unique spin on your business by creating a B2B ecommerce platform and making perfumes for companies. Hotels and similar businesses frequently use sensory marketing to improve their customer’s experience and create an association between the pleasant fragrance and their brand. 

Some other tips include:

  • Create excellent packaging to have a lasting impression on customers
  • Offer free samples to potential customers 
  • Use targeted ads on social media 
  • Collaborate with influencers to get the attention of more people

Health and wellness products

Health and wellness products, like matcha green tea and mushroom coffee, are some of the popular ecommerce products that have remained trendy ever since their introduction on the market. Searches for “matcha” have been consistently on the rise over the past few years, according to Google Trends. You can sell it as an alternative to coffee because matcha green tea contains caffeine. Draw attention to its advantages, such as reduced agitation and increased alertness.

Tips on selling health and wellness products

To ensure your success, apply the “things commonly bought online” strategy. This means selling the product along with bamboo whisks and matcha bowls, which are used to make matcha. 

Another healthy and popular product, mushroom coffee, is a unique blend of healing mushrooms and coffee beans. Mushrooms like lion’s mane and cordyceps have known medicinal properties. Mushroom coffee is becoming a popular alternative to regular coffee, which is not as healthy. Google searches for it have been increasing over the past three years. 

Follow these strategies that have been proven successful in the past:

  • Invest in influencer marketing to have a more personalized campaign that your audience can connect to
  • Make an eye-catching blog that can organically reach your target customer base
  • Build a community of health-enthusiast people through storytelling on social media and blogs


Popular wines are not limited to luxury vineyard brands and vintage wines. Consumers are interested in natural wine, organic wine, and exotic wines. They also want to buy wine directly from producers and look for novel ways to research blends. Selling wine is a seasonal business, with searches peaking around the holidays. 

Tips on selling wine

Here are some excellent ways you can market and sell wine:

  • Host wine-tasting events to build your brand identity 
  • Partner up with local wineries to promote regional wines 
  • Train your staff to be knowledgeable about wine to provide good recommendations to customers


Staple products like bedsheets have always been popular in ecommerce. Linen is still the most searched-for material but searches for “flannel sheets” peak every fall. Exotic materials provoke interest, too. If you succeed in this niche, you can expand your product range with related items like mattresses, pillows, comforters, and sleepwear. All of these offer chances to increase turnover by cross-selling.

Tips on selling bedsheets

Besides providing high-quality bedsheets, here are other ways to effectively market and sell your products:

  • Create high-quality labeling and packaging that can help with your brand identity
  • Have lots of different designs ready 
  • Stay updated with modern design trends and what’s popular in the market 

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