Using Customer Conversations to Convert Visitors

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Customer conversations are a great way to turn today’s visitor into tomorrow’s customer.

Chat for Customer Conversations

Have you ever gone to a store and had a conversation with someone that works there? Maybe you talked with a cashier about the weather outside.

It doesn’t matter what you talked about as much as the fact they took time to interact with you. That small interaction changed the way that you thought of that store, didn’t it?

You may think it’s hard to start these kinds of customer conversations in the digital world, but that doesn’t make them any less important. And, it can differentiate you from your competitors.

1. Identify and Target Your Audience

The first step to making a connection with your visitor is to identify who you want to connect with.

If your object, like most businesses, is to get people to your website make sure that your keywords for your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are on track.

Done correctly you will attract the kinds of customers and have the kind of customer conversations that you are looking for.

Start by researching your keywords using the outcomes of searches. Make sure the keywords you have selected are the right ones for your audience of choice.

Google, Bing, and other websites provide many tools to help with this.

2. Create Content that Connects

When you are evaluating your customers and their needs, you should take time to look at the ways that visitors are interacting with your website. How long do they spend on each page? What pathway do your customers follow to find what they are looking for?

When you know how customers are interacting with your website, you will have more opportunities to tailor their experience so that they can find the content they are looking for.

You can’t optimize what you don’t understand. To understand your customer journey you need to know what people do before they become customers – and that’s something that DailyStory does well.

And, do not rely completely on solutions like Google Analytics for this. Google Analytics provides an overview of what all your visitors are doing. Instead, you need to understand the pathways that customers take prior to converting.

One quick way to check if your content connects with your customers is to offer ways that they can provide feedback.

For example, on your blogs posts, make sure to invite readers to respond and add to the conversation. This will give you a chance to reply to them directly and let them know that you are following the conversation as well. Be sure to answer them, but also talk about a product that connects to their needs and interests.

3. Set up Real-Time Customer Conversations with Chat

The best way to connect with your customers, though, is to talk with them.

Offering a live chat system that will give you the option to ask questions directly to your visitors. By enabling this you not only bring yourself into the customer’s world, but you will also be able to promote specific products that meet the interests of the customer conversations you started.

See our 6 Best Practices for Online Chat for more recommendations.

DailyStory’s real-time chat solution enables you to start customer conversations when visitors return or on their first visit. It’s a great way to leave a lasting impression with a potential customer.

When you apply these three options, you will convert visitors into new customers and see your sales figures grow regularly.

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