DailyStory Product updates for August 7, 2020

Below are some highlights of product updates that went live August 7, 2020:

Segment statistics

When viewing a segment’s member list if you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll find some statistics about the segment:

Easily edit a dynamic segment

We’ve made it easier to edit a dynamic segment.

Bulk import contacts with tags

Bulk import now supports importing a list of tags associated with a contact. It will also create the tags if they don’t exist.

Access asset menus from within a campaign

You’ll find the familiar more option button next to assets in a campaign.

Updates to automation

  • Added action to add a note to a contact
  • Added action to assign as task to a contact
  • Added support for wildcard URL matching in When Page is visited trigger
  • Add support for triggers and conditions on specific link within an email

Scheduling status queued for delivery

Messages that are queued for delivery are now shown as such in the event calendar.

Additional updates:

  • Everyone in this campaign is no longer selected by default when scheduling a message
  • Add Yelp as a built in social URL for personalization

You can view more detail here.