Are email addresses case sensitive?

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Are email addresses case sensitive?

No, email addresses are not case-sensitive. If your email address is uppercase, lowercase, proper-cased, or just a random assortment of upper and lowercase, it will still be delivered to the same inbox.

Email addresses are not case sensitive. The casing of your email address does not impact delivery.

For example, and are delivered to the same inbox.

What is meant by “case insensitive”?

“Case insensitive” means that capitalization doesn’t matter. So, “hello” and “Hello” are treated as the same thing. It doesn’t care if letters are upper or lower case.

Email addresses are considered “case insensitive” by inbox providers.

Why are email addresses not case sensitive?

Email addresses don’t care about capital letters because email servers process them in a way that ignores case sensitivity. When you send an email, servers along the way recognize the address the same, whether it’s in uppercase or lowercase.

What are best practices for an email address?

Below are some best practices when choosing an email address.

  • Keep it simple – choose an email address that is easy to remember and understand.
  • Avoid special characters – while addresses are case insensitive, you should still avoid using special characters.
  • Be consistent – when possible, use the same email address format for all your addresses.
  • Separate personal and professional – use a separate email address for personal and professional use.

Remember, these are general guidelines, and you can adjust them based on your specific needs and preferences.

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