The ultimate list of newsletter directories and aggregators

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The ultimate list of newsletter directories and aggregators

Newsletter directories and aggregators are a great way to help get your newsletter off the ground. Because starting your newsletter journey is challenging. Utilizing word-of-mouth and engaging with online communities like Reddit is a good initial strategy, you can submit your newsletter to these sites to help it get discovered.

Newsletter directories and aggregators you can submit to

To broaden your reach, the next step is submitting your newsletter to directories and aggregators. Directories act as databases, helping readers find newsletters tailored to their interests, while aggregators offer a consolidated platform for consuming newsletter content.

Advantages of aggregators

The advantages extend beyond exposure; these directories often promote listed newsletters on their social media, amplifying your visibility. Moreover, being featured on such platforms enhances your discoverability and provides essential SEO value through link equity.

When another website links to yours, it passes on ranking value, boosting your site’s search engine visibility.

Here’s a compilation of newsletter directories and aggregators where you can submit your newsletter:

Newsletter directories

You can submit your newsletter to these directories after signing up, typically for a free account:

Save some time and submit your newsletter to Duuce to automatically submit to: InboxReads, LetterList, Newsletters, and InboxStash.

Newsletter aggregators

A newsletter aggregator is a platform or service that collects and organizes newsletters from various sources in one centralized location, making it convenient for readers to discover and consume content from multiple newsletters without having to subscribe to each one individually.

Newsletter sponsorship marketplaces

Looking to sponsor a post or insert an ad into a newsletter? Checkout these marketplaces:

Did we miss one? Let us know and we’ll update our list.

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