Drag-and-drop automation and workflow designer

Easily design and build sales and marketing automation. Start with simple automations, such as a happy birthday text message, or more complex automations that integrate with Slack and other tools. All in an easy to use drag-and-drop designer.

Automation designer for DailyStory

Why automate marketing and sales

Automation of your marketing and sales campaigns enables you to add consistency and process to your sales and marketing activities. And, repeatable automations are more easily measured enabling rapid improvement to existing processes.

Save time and scale marketing and sales

A simple automation that done manually would take hours can free up your marketing and sales team. The time given back is used to focus on new campaigns, new content, and new opportunities.

Measure campaign success and effectiveness

A transition to automating common marketing activities (welcome sequences, onboarding sequences, abandoned cart reminders, thank you messages, and more) create a repeatable process and outcome that can be measured.

DailyStory automation and workflow features

DailyStory’s automation and workflow includes all the features you need to automate your sales and marketing campaigns. Below are some of the capabilities offered:

Trigger an automation to start

Triggers determine how a contact enters the automation. For example: starting an automation when someone completes a form on your website.

Do something with an action

Actions are always related to the lead moving through the automation. This can include sending the lead an email or sending someone on your team a notification.

Import and export

Easily export an automation to share with another DailyStory instance. And, you can import automations as well – including pre-built automations.

Drag-and-drop designer

Drag-and-drop your triggers, actions, and conditions using the DailyStory automation designer. Simply snap items together to build your workflow.

Over 25 different Actions

Triggers can start from form submits, website visits, campaigns, segments, tags, points, opt outs, APIs, when RSS pages have changed and from other automations.

Personalization is fully supported

Actions that send messages, such as an email or text message, support full personalization of the message.

Comprehensive set of actions

Actions to add/remove from segments, tags, campaigns. Actions to send messages and notifications (including to Slack). Actions that update points, status, and more.

Powerful conditions for logic

Conditions include: was form submitted, was text message clicked, was email opened, was paged visited, and evaluation of your own custom fields.

Reporting on automation progress

Reports enable you to see where your customers are as they progress through your different automations.

Multiple-automations per campaign

Setup and configure as many automations per-campaign as you need.

Of course there is more to be found in DailyStory’s automation features. And, we’d love to tell you more.

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