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Age-gated content


What is age-gated content?

Age-gated content refers to online material or services that are restricted based on the user’s age.

The purpose of age gating is to ensure that only individuals of a certain age or older can access specific content or services, usually due to legal or regulatory requirements, as well as ethical considerations.

Examples of age-gated content may include:

  • Adult content – websites that host explicit or sexually oriented material often require users to confirm that they are of a certain age before allowing access. This is often a legal requirement to comply with age restrictions for explicit content.
  • Online gaming – some online games, especially those with mature or violent themes, may implement age gating to ensure that younger players are not exposed to content that is deemed inappropriate for their age group.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco – Due to legal restrictions, websites related to the sale or promotion of alcohol or tobacco products may implement age verification processes to ensure that only individuals of legal age can access the content.

Content included as SHAFT (Sex Hate Alcohol Firearms Tobacco) is typically age-gated.

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