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Merge Field


What is an email merge field?

An email merge field, often referred to as a mail merge field, is a placeholder or variable in an email template that gets replaced with specific personalized information when the email is sent. This technique is commonly used in email marketing and communication tools to customize mass emails with individualized details for each recipient.

What is an example of a merge field?

DailyStory supports a number of merge fields in addition to personalization.

Personalization fields are more advanced, but merge fields are still supported.

Merge field vs. personalization

Below is an example of a merge field that replaces *|FNAME|* when the email is sent with the user’s first name:

Next is the same email using a personalization tag instead. Unlike the merge field, the personalization tag can set a default value if the value to personalize is missing or empty.

We recommend using personalization tags instead of merge tags.

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