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Message Segment


What is an SMS message segment?

SMS Marketing, unlike email marketing which is relatively inexpensive, telecommunication carriers charge per-text message (160 characters).

Character count and segments

A text message may contain up to 160 characters. If the message length exceeds 160 characters, the message is delivered as a single message to most modern mobile devices. However, if the message exceeds 160 characters it is counted as multiple messages (even though it is delivered to the device as one message).

For example, this message contains 284 characters and requires 2 message segments:

  • Example
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Be careful using non-standard characters

While the character counts for a text message is limited to 160 characters, not all characters are created equal.

For example, because emojis (❤️, 😍,✨, etc.) use special character sets, a single emoji may require multiple segments to send the message.

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