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SMS Bombing


What is SMS Bombing?

SMS bombing is an unethical and potentially illegal practice where a large number of text messages are sent to a targeted phone number with the intent of overwhelming the recipient’s device.

Also known as

  • text bombing
  • SMS flooding

What is the impact

The sheer volume of incoming messages can disrupt the normal functioning of the recipient’s phone, causing inconvenience, annoyance, or even rendering the device temporarily unusable.

What is the potential impact of SMS bombing?

SMS bombing is considered a form of harassment and abuse, and it violates the terms of service of most telecommunication providers.

It can have various negative consequences, including:

  • Disruption of Service – the large influx of messages can overwhelm the recipient’s phone, leading to a disruption of normal service. This may result in the inability to make or receive calls and texts.
  • Battery Drain – the constant receipt of messages can quickly drain the phone’s battery, impacting its usability.
  • Privacy Invasion – SMS bombing is a violation of privacy, as it targets an individual’s personal communication devices without their consent.
  • Potential Legal Consequences – engaging in SMS bombing may be illegal in many jurisdictions. It can be considered harassment, a form of cyberbullying, or a violation of anti-spam laws.
  • Security Risks – SMS bombing can be used as a tactic in phishing or social engineering attacks. Attackers may use SMS bombing as a distraction while attempting to carry out other malicious activities.

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