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Soft bounce


What is a soft bounce?

An email soft bounce is a temporary issue that prevents your email from delivering. This can range from the recipient’s email inbox being full to the recipient’s server not being able to process the delivery.

You’ll see a soft bounce notification code that starts with a “4xx.”’

Common reasons for a soft bounce include

  1. Mailbox Full: The recipient’s email inbox is at its storage limit, preventing new messages from being delivered. Once the recipient clears space, future emails may be delivered successfully.
  2. Temporary Server Issues: Issues with the recipient’s email server, such as being temporarily down or experiencing high traffic, can result in a soft bounce.
  3. Content Filter Issues: Some email service providers may have filters that temporarily reject emails based on content or attachments. Adjusting the email content may resolve this issue.

Soft bounces are often reattempted by the email server in subsequent delivery attempts. If the issue persists, the email may eventually be marked as a hard bounce. Monitoring bounce rates and taking appropriate actions, such as cleaning email lists or addressing content issues, can help improve email deliverability.

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